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Do you frequently feel:

    • Anxious or nervous

    • Like you don’t quite fit in

    • A little overly sensitive or even more perceptive than others

    • Like you have to keep it all to yourself

There are a lot of others who have felt the same way!  Including me.

I didn’t always know why I felt like the odd person in my family or why the usual activities of others my age just seemed a waste of time and energy. I tried to fit in, but I always felt like an outsider observing life.

I didn’t know that I was highly sensitive and intuitive.

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I’ve spent my life researching and finding solutions and tools to help myself and others who feel this way.

These tools allow us to fully engage in our own lives.

For those of us who are highly sensitive and/or highly intuitive, we need to learn a different way so we can function from our strengths instead of trying to fit into how others live.

If this sounds familiar, then I’m really glad you found your way here! Together, we can help you:

      • Discover more about yourself

      • Access your own inner guidance

      • Use “tools” that clear out what doesn’t work for you

      • Uncover your Super-Powers (no, I’m not kidding!!!)

      • Embrace your unique, authentic self

And the great part is that along the way, you’ll connect with others on their own journey who are willing to share and listen and enjoy the journey together (even when it is difficult).

Check out our current courses that are geared for those who are highly sensitive/intuitive!

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You can get started now!

Arlene Arnold, founder of Transformational Tools.

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