This can be the year when all your self discovery comes together in fulfillment that settles in as happiness, joy, energizing intention, and so much more.

The symbala ‘Year of Fulfillment’ created by Lahrinda Eileen symbolizes all that is possible.

 We can be finished with “lessons” by clearing out old patterns that have taught us so much. This time of fulfillment becomes an opportunity to view life from a new stance.  We can move from duality to polarity.

 Duality has taken us into experiences that vacillated between depression and exhalation.

On the one hand we learned what it was like to become fear, grief, loneliness, anger, and many other emotions and beliefs that became our reality.

On the other hand, we sometimes experienced the lightness and joy of the vibrations of love, compassion, truth, and oneness.

Like riding a teeter totter we found ourselves deep in woundedness and then ecstatic with spiritual knowing.  All of that was important as part of the human experience.

As we move into 2015, we are given the opportunity to step back as participating observers of a new way of being human.

We are aware of pain and suffering as well as the transcendence of the human spirit.  We might call this polarity.  Electricity moves energy through the positive and negative poles.  Without both, there is no movement.  We can live from the movement generated from polarity.

From the vantage point of polarity, we have choices.

How will I respond to what could be a devastating experience?

How will I know when to take a different route in life than the familiar one?

From the polarity point of view, options appear, without attachment to any of them.  It is simply a matter of choice.  If we choose an old way of responding, that gives us one kind of experience.  If we choose a less familiar way of showing up, that gives a different kind of experience.  Neither is good or back; right or wrong.  It is simply a choice.

There are tools available for us to move into this place of polarity.

Here at The Power of Color we see that the vibrations of color can move energy quickly.  Diane e-mailed me after a conversation on the phone where I shared a simple way to use yellow and purple to move the congestion in her sinuses.  Here’s part of what she said:

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what occurred after I took your advice concerning the use of color for helping my healing process along when I had a horrible cold.  I have never had such a terrible cold.  I called you and you suggested that I visualize the colors purple and yellow in the area affected by the virus.  Within 25 minutes I had enough of an appetite that I put my shoes on and went to the store to get myself something to eat.  It was the first time since the onset of the cold that I was actually hungry.

It still took a few days to completely rid myself of the cold but the color therapy was definitely a turning point in the healing process. Thank you again for your help.

This took Diane from a place of feeling caught in the effects of a virus to the empowerment of using tools that allowed her to choose what would most help her body.  Perhaps you are ready to learn these tools so they are available at a moment’s notice.  (check out the upcoming Basic Color Course)

 Another tool we are finding helpful during this time of change is to Heal and Embrace the polarity of masculine and feminine energies in each of us.  Here’s part of an e-mail from Grace who experienced what it was like to embrace both her masculine and feminine sides.

 “What do I do with this longing I am feeling?”  Validating that I knew this longing didn’t have to do with another human being, but with needing to reconnect with myself.  Right after our session I looked out my window and saw five deer on my front lawn.  In the “Medicine Cards” book “deer” represents “Gentleness”.  This, to me, was a message from Spirit telling me just how vulnerable, gentle, loving, nurturing, etc. this feminine part of me is and why it needed such strong protection.  With all the work I have done up to this point, with Arlene’s guidance, this part of me was now safe to return.  I feel more self-supporting and whole than I ever have in my life.  I am excited and curious to see how and what this manifests in my life.

 We are being shown how to embrace polarity in all of life of human and spirit; masculine and feminine; active and quiet; outward and inward; etc.

 The present moment is all of what is available.  We choose how we will respond and what we will choose to do next.  We can choose from polarity or duality.  Choice is the empowerment.

 If you want some help to recognize and live from polarity instead of duality, join the growing community of seekers that hang out at The Power of Color through Facebook, our website blog, and Blog Talk Radio show.  Shortly we will have a membership aspect to the web site that allows you get to know all of those who have participated in the different classes and courses.  Ongoing support will be available and greater connection with others will be possible.  We hope to have this in place by the end of January.

 This can be a year of fulfillment–the coming together of so much of what you hoped for and the fulfillment of your intentions. You are supported from above, below and all around to make this leap into a new way of being human.  



As the Luminary called Attunement says:

 Earth and all its inhabitants are shifting octaves, tuning to  new song.  With a heart now freed and expanded, join the chorus that radiates compassion and understanding.  Ride the wave of change with ease.

 Feel the wave.  Join the wave.  Become the Wave.

 If you would like to delve deep into the Luminaries’ guidance and empowerment join the upcoming course that takes you through the first 12 cards.

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Blessings for a Fulfilling 2015,

Arlene Arnold