“So what’s new?” you might ask.  Seems like we have been in a transformational phase forever!

Have you noticed how important it is to monitor your energy, thoughts, and emotions?  Things manifest faster!  That’s part of what’s new.

“Be aware of what YOU are manifesting!” could be the note we now place on the mirror.

drop-of-water-351778_1280This morning I spent too much time answering e-mails so was hurrying to be ready for a transformational session with a client on the phone.  Oops!  I knocked a bottle of hair tint (purple that tones down the gold in my hair) onto the floor.  Mine is a tiny bathroom, so it splattered the walls, cupboards, the floor, and the clothes I had laid out to wear.  I spent the next half hour cleaning it off before it set-up as a new purple speckled décor.  The lesson wasn’t too hard to pick up on.  “There is plenty of time.  Breathe and pace yourself!” Ha!  Have I heard that before?  Only a thousand times.  Do I remember?  Most of the time, but not this morning.  Then, I read this information about the new moon by Enid Rosa.

We are in a cosmic storm of energy.  Wow, it is intense!  Each one of us has to take responsibility for our own thoughts, emotions and actions.  With the New Moon in Virgo we can calm the storm and focus on self-love.  We want to honor the seasons and cycle of life by creating time and space to honor life passages.  How things must change or die in order for something else to come in.  We are in transformation phase!  As we boldly go through this cycle it is important to stay focused on love and joy!

Pay attention to your thoughts:
What kind of attitude do you have?
Are you happy when you wake up in the morning?
Do you smile often?
What kind of energy are you emitting?

The first step is taking care of your energy, your thoughts and shifting from stress, fear and anger to joy and compassion.

Become aware of how you are feeling and move the energy by walking, exercising, dancing, being in nature, meditating, or relaxing in a bath.  As you activate Joy within yourself, those around you will be activated.  Each one of us, together as one, can shift the collective consciousness with Hope, Faith, Love and Joy!” http://www.cosmicintelligenceagency.com/2014/08/newmoonvirgomission/

We might want to add “Pay attention to your pace” to her list.

After I got the message from this mishap, I asked myself what color could slow me down to a pace that suited the day.  The answer was Purple!

The Universe does have a sense of humor! Smiley Face

Purple it is.  Today I am surrounded in a field of purple.  Purple skies, purple flowers, whatever I want to envision that is Purple.  I can even taste Purple!flowers-123714_640Hmmm, that feels better. There is enough time!  I can breathe deeply and let the day flow at its just-right pace.

So, I’m wishing you a special day that supports you and allows you to joyfully do what is just-right in this moment.

Blessings, Arlene Arnold