Our Mission

To provide a community where highly sensitive/intuitive people (like you) can:

Discover Your True Self ---
Experience Long Lasting Healing --- Live from Your Authenticity

how the mission comes to life

Your life journey is unique, and yet we all encounter similar kinds of challenges.

Our courses take you from learning how to Thrive as a Highly Sensitive/Intuitive Person and progress to courses where you will learn to: Balance Your Receptive Feminine and Active Masculine Energy. Use Color Therapy to release old patterns that have kept you stuck. Empower Your Body and Energy Fields to levels that are in balance with your true self. Our products support the process. If you get stuck, we offer individual sessions with trusted members of our team.

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Mosaic - A Card from the Luminaries Deck

“You are a unique tile in the universal mosaic of being. Claim your special beauty even as you allow others to do the same.”
You arrive here how and who you are…you will evolve by your design – not someone else’s.
Your uniqueness is celebrated. Your contribution is authentic and never forced. Our combined unique energies and voices impact the collective consciousness.
We move forward intuitively and consciously.
  • Always grounded to a loving earth

  • Always intending the highest and best for self and all others

  • Always holding on lightly, never tethered or restricted.


Dolphin Song - Also from the Luminaries Deck

Through Dolphin Song, you are invited to:
  • DANCE…to celebrate YOU!
  • SING…to express what wells up within you!
  • LISTEN…to the ALL through creation’s hum!

Meet Our Team

Together we create. Together we evolve.

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Arlene Arnold

Founder, Course Creator & facilitator, author

Leslie Romine

Instructor, Business Team, Group Co-Facilitator, Editor,
Marian current (3)

Marian Russell

business team, co-creator of courses
Will current (2)

Will Bradley

business team, Monday Group Co-facilitator

Robin Oakman

editor, consultant, media and messaging coordinator
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Mia Buttimer

Designer, Photographer, Media Coordinator,