Sometimes messages come to us in different ways. For me they come when I am quiet: napitating (napping and meditating).

This message seemed so important, I felt compelled to share it.

At the beginning of this week there is an opening, like none I have ever seen before! After gnashing our teeth over the bedlam that has accosted our senses (while reminding ourselves to live in compassionate detachment), there is finally an opportunity to turn the energy tide.

There are those in physical and non-physical form who are in deep meditation. We are invited to join them in holding a space for the highest and best for the earth and all its inhabitants.

The human collective intention is now clear. No longer are we willing to be pawns of those who would control out of their desire for power and their need to feed their greed. We understand that we are responsible for what comes next. We can stand by and wring our hands or we can step into our deep personal power of compassion and desire for what is highest and best for all.

I invite you, along with me and so many others, to consciously be aware of the inner power of compassion. Breathe into its core. Build up the intention to hold a place for a new way of living where all are honored and each is encouraged to exercise his/her inherent abilities, both human and divine.

Today and through this week there is an energetic opening, just as you might experience an opening in a conversation that allows your voice to be heard. The collective of human/divine intention is apparent and ready to be acted on. Together we are feeding the fire of new life for this planet and beyond.

This wave has been building up. Its swell is now ready to peak and crash to the shore of our reality.

In the Luminaries Illuminated Course going on at this time, we are delving deep into the energy of “Attunement.” The following seems very appropriate for this week.

“Earth and all its inhabitants are shifting octaves, tuning to a new song. With a heart now freed and expanded, join the chorus that radiates compassion and understanding.  Ride the wave of change with ease.

Feel the wave. Join the wave.  Become the wave.” (“Attunement” from the Luminaries)

“Attunement” (art by Lahrinda Eileen)

And so it is!

Arlene Arnold

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