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Are We There Yet?

That was the refrain my husband and I heard over and over again from a little voice in the backseat. “Are we there yet?” she would ask. 

The other day, I thought about that as I was out walking in the rain. The energies that day had been unusually intense, and the news was full of “what-ifs.”

Inside, I was wailing, “Are we there yet? When will we arrive at that place of peace?”

Perhaps you, too, have been feeling emotionally done with all this chaos and division.

Sometimes it helps to have a hissy fit, like a child who isn’t getting their own way. It doesn’t really solve anything; but it lets loose some of the energy that keeps you from finding small joys in the moment.

If I’ve learned anything in my life, it’s that a lot goes on behind the scenes that we may not be aware of. When we do see things that are abhorrent to us, we may feel depressed; we drop down into a lower frequency of energy. From there, it’s easy to begin recounting everything that’s wrong, everything that we would like to erase.

Instead of staying there, have a little hissy fit. Let the energy go.  

Or, sulk for a while, until you can see yourself as that little child who didn’t get their way. Love that child. Understand what it’s feeling.

Now, take a walk in nature, put on uplifting music, read something that helps you soar, or call a friend who will listen and help you move back to who you really are.

What do you want instead? If you were the creator of your world (which you are), what would it look like? Who would be in that world? What would you be doing to help heal that world? How would you find purpose and meaning?

Notice the details in that new world. You are aware that the chaotic world is still swirling around; you accept that. But, your attention is on creating the world you want to live in.

You may want to ask the question that I ask myself over and over again. How am I using my finite personal energy? Is it contributing to what I came into this life to do? Am I taking care of this finite body, loving it as it struggles to maintain a healthy frequency? Am I finding ways to celebrate life in the midst of what is happening around me?

What we put our attention to increases!!! That’s a principle of life. That’s how we create.

What do you want to increase? Turn your thoughts to that moment to moment.

What do you want to decrease? When your thoughts turn to that, bless it, cover it with love, and hand it off to the angels, guides, the Divine Source (God), or whoever you know can help resolve it. Then, turn to what you want to increase.

This work takes resolve, and yet it’s the most important thing you can do at this time! Each time you hand off what you don’t want to increase, you help dissolve and resolve that energy in the collective consciousness. Every time you focus on what you want to increase, you help create that in the collective consciousness.

So, my friends, we have work to do! We have a new world to create. Each of us has compassion to extend to all. Let’s be about it. Let’s support each other in this challenging time of death of what doesn’t work and birth of what’s next.

Arlene Arnold

Arlene Arnold is a Certified Spiritual Guide and Healing Facilitator as well as the founder of Complementary Color Therapy and Inner Reality Therapy. Arlene is the creator of the internationally acclaimed Oracle Deck called ColorCards, Inner Guidance Made Simple through the Vibration of Color.