These times can be challenging as we navigate through our emotions
and reactions to a different world.

I was having one of those days that felt out of sync! I find my best answers while journaling.
Here’s what came up in conversation with my Inner Knowing:
(Excerpts from my journaling on 4-18-20)

Arlene: Dear Ones, I have been feeling like I was losing my ability to stay present.

“Our Dear One, we see that your process of letting go of the last of the accumulated energy that is not your truth has led to an unraveling that affects your sense of place—like ending up in a foreign land. Treat this process with curiosity. Ask yourself – – –

What is different?
How does this work?
Do I just observe or do I do something to make this orientation easier?”


Here’s what I found when I asked myself what was different:
My memory is spotty
When doing inner plane work (healing processes that affects our human experience, but is happening in the background in the inner planes), I am less sure of what I am seeing
Motivation as I have known it seems flat
I seem to have an ‘I don’t care’ attitude about doing anything
I find myself falling into old patterns I thought were gone
Responsibilities overwhelm me
The foods I want to eat cause me to gain weight
I’m  bored, but nothing seems interesting
I just want to sit in my yard, enjoying nature or playing my mindless game on my phone

How does this work?
As a visitor in a foreign land, it would be best to just observe and be as present as I can.
I can spend my time noticing what I haven’t noticed before or lately
If I prefer to be alone, it’s OK
If I don’t want to read books, it’s OK
If I put off doing my taxes, It’s OK
If I have spurts of energy, use that for what seems important

Do I do something?
Only if it feels aligned with my inner desires.
Play more


When you ask yourself those questions, what comes through for you?


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