Earth and all its inhabitants are shifting octaves,
tuning to a new song. With a heart now freed
and expanded, join the chorus that radiates compassion
and understanding. Ride the wave of change with ease.

Feel the wave. Join the wave. Become the wave.

                                                                          from the Luminary Attunement


Our calling is clear! We are the change we have been waiting for. We have lifted many of the old habits and patterns that have kept us playing small. We are now free to join the wave of change. This new way of being doesn’t have to be difficult. We can ride this wave of change and then become the wave of change itself.

This is not about waiting until we feel ready. This is about living an inner commitment that came with you into this life.

Attunement is here to help you.

You have been releasing old emotional patterns that have kept you stuck and ways of living that no longer reflect who you are. This has left spaces in your energy field. Step into the matrix of “Attunement.” As it spins you into higher vibrations, it rearranges your energy. There is now more room to receive the universal compassion that surrounds you.

                                                                                from the Luminary Attunement


We are allowing ourselves to evolve.

What does your personal evolution look like? How are you acting and responding differently.

Now let “Attunement” help you realign your energy field.  This is a bit like defragging a computer. Information is aligned so it is easy to access. There are no spaces within your energy field to separate parts of you. Your wholeness becomes more and more apparent.

Celebrate that realignment and reconfiguration of your core.

                                                                               from the Luminary Attunement

Arlene Arnold
Author of
Luminaries, A Prism of Change through
Reflection and Transformational Art

Artist Lahrinda Eileen