Have you joined the coloring book craze? Or do you think coloring is just a pastime– something to do when you’re bored or need a timeout?


Coloring Book Cover

 Our mandala coloring book is different. You color with a pair of color complements in all their stunning hues.  Red/Green Orange/Blue      Yellow/Purple   And then you can color with the rainbow of all three pairs. Along the way, you create your own mandalas (no art talent required).

This coloring book offers a simple way to  increase your energy, bring out your creativity, sooth your emotions, and bring balance to your life.  Using  complementary colors will give you new insights to shift your energy and transform your life.

The difference is in the balance of the complements. The warm colors (Red, Orange & Yellow) paired with the cool colors (Green, Blue, and Purple)  create a Tao of Coloring. The warm colors open the flow in your human understanding and the cool colors highlight your deeper understanding.  Together they remind you that you are more than human and, at the same time, being human is important.

Here’s how I used this coloring strategy to balance my colors:

Earlier this month I had myself tightly scheduled between workshops, presentations, and a holistic fair. Early on a Saturday morning, while it was still dark, I was carrying the last box of products to my car.

Instead of calling my daughter next door to turn on the light, I started down the porch steps in the dark.

Next thing I knew I was tumbling down the stairs. A neighbor, out with his dog, heard my startled cry. My son-in-law called down from the window above to see if I was all right. I called back that I had bumped my head.

The neighbor was then by my side. I had covered the painful spot with my hand, sending it healing energy. When I took my hand down, it was covered with blood.  Oops this was more than a bump on the head.

Off to the emergency room I went with my daughter. Fortunately, there were few in the waiting room. A scan showed no broken bones and I hadn’t gotten a concussion (a reason for great gratitude). A single staple closed the wound.

I canceled all the many things I had planned and spent that weekend and the next week at home. I knew this was a wakeup call so I paid attention.

 As part of my recovery, My coloringI colored one of the mandalas in the coloring book we were about the publish. Red and Green were calling to me.

 Since the fall, I had not felt completely grounded. When I finished this picture, I pinned it on the wall where I could see if from my chair. I stared  at it often. Soon, I felt less shaky and more secure in my body.



Most of my work with color has been through visualizing and breathing color.  This was such a confirmation of how coloring could take that experience to a new level.

My experience also reminded me how important it is to balance our colors. I had been moving so fast, my colors had gotten out of balance. This was a deeper message to stay in my rhythm of guidance, not my “get as much done as fast as you can” old pattern.

Are your colors balanced? Would you be willing to take a time-out coloring your way into a deeper balance?

Here’s more information about our coloring book.  Let us know your coloring story.

Arlene Arnold