Do you sometimes feel like a yo-yo moving back and forth between inspiration and motivation? 


One minute you are feeling good saying “I am so inspired by this!”

The next minute part of you kicks in that says “You can’t just sit here and feel good; you’ve got to get something done!”

Suddenly, what felt light and fun, now feels heavy, a task not a fun adventure.  Sitting in inspiration feels good, but it can also be like admiring a beautiful car without ever starting the engine.  The doing is important, yet it is not meant to take over; otherwise, you could be speeding along eating up the miles without any destination in mind.

So, the question is:

How do you reach balance between inspiration and motivation?
How can you admire your beautiful car, set the GPS, appreciate the smooth ride and beautiful scenery, and still get where you want to go?

 That’s where the colors yellow and purple come in. 

Yellow is the personality-self looking to be valued through what it does; whereas, Purple encourages you to go deeper into your soul’s inspiration.  This push/pull between the human and the being parts of the self is a lifelong challenge for everyone.


During the journey to find the balance between yellow and purple, I was led to a very important soul discovery.

In a moment of life reflection I found I was in service to a powerful task master who stood over me to be sure I was valuable by accomplishing much.  I had a father who worked hard to support his family, but seldom had time for fun in life.  I had a mother who made lists.  She felt good when she checked things off her lists.  Emulating my parents’ patterns led me to believe that my self-worth could be measured by how much I accomplished.  Yet, my soul kept whispering in the background that life was more than that.

This was a perfect setup for my life’s work. 

Complementary Colors create balance between the human side of the equation of life and the being-ness; between what we came to experience in this physical existence and what growth our inner spirit intended while here.

During my training to be a Spiritual Guide and Healing Facilitator, I worked with the healing potential of colors.   I discovered that breathing complementary colors in a particular way creates a partnership between these colors that can dissolve the beliefs that keep you stuck in old patterns that are no longer useful.  One of the colors represents your human aspect and the other your spirituality.   Bringing them together allows you to work with both the human and spiritual aspects without sacrificing one or the other.  This completely changes how you see your life and how you move forward.  You are the beautiful car that moves gracefully ahead in a purposeful manner.

 Several years ago, the need for both inspiration and motivation became apparent to me.  I had decided that operating from “motivation” was an old mode that I didn’t need anymore.  I thought I could move forward through inspiration alone.  After several weeks of feeling like my engine was stuck in neutral, I remembered the balance of the complementary colors; we need both Yellow (motivation) and Purple (inspiration).

 I redefined how I now understand motivation (Yellow). 

Yellow turns to purple for the destination.
Then, Yellow figures out what needs to be done to reach that destination.  This might include several different paths.
Then the conscious part of me takes over.  That is the adult, the choice-maker, the one who listens to the inspiration (Purple) of inner the spirit, considers the options put forth from the mind (Yellow), and then sets the GPS, while monitoring the trip in case there are corrections that need to be made.

 My choice comes about because I have put my attention to breathing in inspiration (Purple) while also paying attention to directing my motivation (from my choice-maker), and that choice moves with the flow of inspiration.

You and I can live in the balance between inspiration and motivation. 

There is a part of us that can stand back and see the choices offered to us. We can then consider what inspires us (the soul’s desires) while noticing what makes sense in the day-to-day stream of life (what can be accomplished).

Once the choice has been made, daily breathing Yellow and Purple reminds us to listen to both our human and our being (inner spirit), while choosing what is highest and best for us in this time and space.  This becomes a daily practice until it is automatic—our new default mode.  That means we access both to begin with, not after struggling with the yoyo effect until we are exhausted.

I was led to develop Complementary Color Therapy through my process of finding balance within me and in my life. It’s simple and requires only that you stop a moment and use your ability to sense or see the colors as you breathe them.  You can use both sides of you in a beautiful dance of life.


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Let me know how this challenge between the ‘human’ and ‘being’ has affected your life.  We are in this together, learning from each other.


Arlene Arnold

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