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Module #1 &2 Background for relieving stress

Understanding how imbalance can affect your anxiety and stress level, sets the stage for how to use colors in pairs to discover what causes the stress and how to relieve it.

Module #3 Red & Green
Stressors defined; techniques learned to live stress free

Life tends to push us! Instead, live in a healthy, natural flow. Imagine life with energy to do what is next, while passion and compassion guide the process.

Module #4 Orange and Blue
Increasing Joy and Creativity

Emotions that are tied to experiences seem to come back again and again. Unless we express these emotions, it's difficult to move on. This cramps our creativity and our joy.

Module #5 Yellow & Purple
Clarity of mind and Intuition

We have taken on so many overlays that have defined how we show up in life and how we see ourselves. Most of them are not true! In this module you gain insight and discernment that allows you to embrace your human capabilities and your intuitive understanding. Choices in life become more simple and are consistent with your true self.

Module #6 Practice Transforming Patterns of Life that No Longer Apply.
Learn to Live Free of Anxiety and Stress with an Abundance of Joy

Pairs of colors transform and transmute energy. The practices are simple and the change is profound. The tools you learn are yours wherever and whenever they are needed

Added information shows you a way to work with the colors to clear beliefs, emotions, and life patterns from their source in another life time, down through you genetic lines, as well as turning them off in your DNA.

Full Course Contents

Here's what you will work with during this course.

  • Learn through watching videos
  • Read the manual for information about the colors and what they mean.
  • Use the questions to explore what the colors show you about your own life.
  • Join the 5 weekly recorded phone calls for a lively discussion of what you have learned
  • Move through the course at your own pace. Then, join the calls or encourage friends to buy the course and join you in a discussion of what you are learning.

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I feel more self-supporting and whole than I ever have in my life.  I am excited and curious to see how and what this manifests in my life. Grace Lyons

. . . the work you are doing with colors is incredible! It feels to me that you have tapped into a powerful force in this universe.  And, you found a way to open the door to that force in a way that allows anyone to enter and experience a profound and ever-ready source of healing, strength, growth and wisdo

ClienKristen Magis
ClienKristen Magis Company Inc

Sit Next to a grumpy person anywhere in the world. . . Do the red/green technique and the energy will be cleared and you will feel good. it is so easy

Its nice to solve a public problem quickly and quietly in a way that's FUN.

Narayan & Janet
Narayan & Janet Narayan & Janet-Positive Vibes Music

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This 5 week course transforms you energy field, brings balance that allows you to settle into yourself in a new way, and gives you hope and anticipation of living authentically and fully.