The Game Board
Photo by Vladimir Vitrichenko

Have you ever suddenly burst out crying from a very deep place inside?

That happened to me last week.

A news blip broke through my usual way of paying attention to the news. I was not just misting over with regret for what new thing seemed so out of place with what I know can be our human experience.

This was different.

I had a deep knowing that I must stop, really feel what was coming up from inside me, and then ask if there was an action I was to take.

As I tried to explain my feelings to my friend, I could hardly speak. The energy of what was coming up was caught in my throat.

This meant I was to express (tell about) what I was experiencing. That led to this article.

One of our new representatives in Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez , referred to the detention facilities where migrants are being held as concentration camps. I suddenly knew the truth (for me) of those words. We have allowed our government to gather (concentrate) people wanting to migrate to this country (many avoiding horrendous conditions in their own countries) in overcrowded locations treating them as if they had done something wrong. (Yes, many crossed illegally because the system has broken down so that coming in legally is nearly impossible.)

It occurred to me that this is how it started in Germany. People went on with their lives while a certain group of people were sent to detention centers and eventually to concentration camps. This eventually led to death camps.

Could something similar happen in this country? Were we starting down a path to something none of us could even imagine happening in this country!

How do we respond to something this horrific?

Some will march to change what is going on! Some will try to light a fire under Congress. And some will turn off the news and just try to cope with uncertain times.

I choose another way. We can change what is happening by changing the energy through intention and visualization!

But how best to do that?

I was reminded to apply what I teach to this situation.

In my courses I offer a way of dealing with anxiety in our lives that is a 3-step process.

  1. Get clear about what you are feeling. Describe it
  2. Use your tools to transform what does not fit who you truly are
  3. Intend to live from your true self without the filter you were seeing through

Let’s see how this applies to what is happening in the United States and perhaps around the world.

Here’s how the 3-step process worked for me as I sat with my feelings and my call to express what was coming up

  1. I became clear about what I was feeling.
  2. I created a visualization that can change the “game”
  3. I determined to repeat this visualization until I could feel it and know it.

The purpose of this article is to invite you to join me in using some tools to transform this energy. It may prompt you into a different action from what I am suggesting. Please follow your inner guidance to action that fits with the essence of your true self. My calling is to work with the energy of situations in order to shift that energy into a higher frequency and a vision of what I know is possible here on earth. Yours may be different.

The intention and energy created by visualization affects the experience. Everything consists of energy. When we visualize, we insert another energy that can join and change the direction of the flow. For example, you throw a rock into a pond.  It creates circles flowing out around it. You drop another rock within that flow. It changes the rings of energy flow. Visualization can change the flow that is our experience of life.

As I considered  how I could be part of changing this treatment of migrants by changing the energy, a scenario unfolded in my inner sight. What I was seeing was a game board. As I stepped fully into this picture, it became the following visualization.

 See the migrants looking out through the fence
of a detention center as if they are on a game board.
Feel their sadness and distress.

Visualize golden dust falling all over the game board.

Light from the Divine-Source beams into the board

infusing it with light. The beams then focus on
all the game pieces that represent decision makers,
guards, migrants, and advocates. See the energy of
these game pieces shifting until all are shining with light.

You are watching the game and changing it with your

thoughts and intentions.

Imagine that a river of liquid gold energy pours down

through your head and heads of all the other observers
sitting around the game board. It flows on down into
everyone’s heart.

You all become brighter, shining as golden light.

That light spreads out from each person,
filling their energy field and spreading
until this light connects all the observers.
This gathering of golden light settles into
a glow over the board. It surrounds each game piece.
They begin to glow.

Notice that the words on the directions for the game

are changing as the golden light penetrates the paper.

Imagine a scenario on the game board that would be the

highest and best result of this game change. Make it up.
If you were creating the highest and best scenario
for how migrants are treated, what would that look like?
Create your own inner video. How does it feel to see
that video? You have changed what you feel; changed
the possibilities of what can happen; and offered part
of the vision for a new world that looks like heaven on earth.

Thank the Divine-Source Light and the Golden Light for

helping us change the game.

Now, imagine that you are back in your life. You are

watching the news as the new game of life unfolds.
Feel it; know it; be it!

And so it is!

Click Here for a Free audio of this visualization

Go back to this visualization again and again until you can feel it in your thoughts, body, and soul-self.

I wonder if we even realize how powerful this group intention and focus is?

We have the opportunity to change the game!!!

May it be so!

Arlene Arnold
Spiritual Guide & Healing Facilitator