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Let’s be a Headlight; not a Tail Light!

Headlights lead the way!

Tail lights follow what’s out in front!

How can you best be a headlight?

Speak up!

Being a headlight doesn’t always mean your leadership is highly visible.  It can mean that you speak up with integrity wherever you are. You are an influence with your family, friends, and groups you are part of.

How we speak up is as important as actually speaking up.  I see many who are reacting with anger or frustration. The frequency of this reaction actually breeds more discord.

So, what do we do instead? In the moment, we can turn to the frequencies of colors for assistance.  Ask that whatever colors can best help you, to surround you, giving you strength and clarity. Because each color has its own consciousness, the frequencies of color know how they can best serve you. This will allow you to take a deep breath so that your immediate reaction stays in alignment with your internal integrity.

Personal Transformation

Gandhi said,”“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.”

In order to remake ourselves, we must take time to be aware and then use our tools to change, in ourselves, what we would change in the world

In your own private time I suggest that you see what is behind the anger and frustration. It’s important to acknowledge and express that anger, but this can be done before we react. There is a difference between expressing the anger to yourself and a trusted friend and reacting in the moment.

If we take the time to do our personal transformation around the anger and frustration, we open ourselves up to becoming the compassionate observer. Then, we can really “see” our own part we play and we can see and better understand where others are coming from.

Shine Your Light

Staying in alignment with your personal integrity without making others wrong is a way of shining your light. You may say, “But what others are saying a doing is just wrong!” I understand that’s how you see it and how you feel. But has this method of telling others they are wrong ever helped them to change their point of view? Usually, it means they then feel they must defend their point of view.

As a compassionate observer, you can listen to the other person; you can see what they see through their eyes. Then, as you speak, you can include your new understanding of them as part of the conversation.

However, if you come upon abuse or violence, acting may be your only recourse. Let’s still turn to our knowing self to immediately act in the highest and best way. If we have been practicing that way of being, the answer will come immediately. In that moment you can also ask for help from the frequencies of color, guides you work with, etc.

Support those who are out front!

Another way of being a headlight is to support those who are out front. You can stand with them through what you say and non-violent ways of protesting. This can also be done in alignment with your personal integrity.

Holding a firm intention for whatever is highest and best

We don’t always know what the highest and best action may be; we just know that what is happening is not highest and best.  In that case, you might say to yourself, “My intention in this situation is for whatever is highest and best for myself and all others involved.” Then, we pay attention to what comes from a place of knowing (frequency of purple) combined with what we know from experience or what we have learned (yellow). That will give us clues as to what action to take, if any.


Trusting what you know is not always easy.  It’s something that comes through practice and through releasing what is not your personal truth. When you clearly feel something deep within, trust it. You may not fully understand it, but you can trust that this deep internal feeling will take you to the next step, whatever that is, even if it means you are to wait.

What I’m suggesting takes attention and time set aside to discover the road ahead. It’s usually easier to just react and move on. However, if we are headlights, we are here to demonstrate a new way of being.  This requires some deep inner searching and the willingness to release what is no longer value-added in our thoughts, emotions and actions.

Complementary Color Therapy offers a simple, profound way to prepare ourselves to be headlights and to stay on track in our personal integrity. Visit our list of upcoming classes for ways to get started or to continue the journey with color.

Arlene Arnold
Founder of Complementary Color Therapy