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Being Enough, Going Beyond Shame

Have you ever operated under the programming “Do it right,” “Be perfect,” “Work hard,” and “Accomplish something important.”  Or perhaps you believed that you could only be accepted if you were “good enough”, “smart enough”, “handsome (pretty) enough”, “ _______ enough”  (you fill in the blank).  

All of these mandates say you are not okay just as you are. There is a flaw in you that must be fixed.  So, we spend our lives trying to measure up.  If you don’t prove that you are what is required, you feel unacceptable.  From that, you feel alone, without worth, unable to receive compliments that my come your way.

While watching a TED video by Brene Brown, I realized that our programming all boils down to SHAME.  It never occurred to me that for many years I had lived with shame.  Yet, my inner drivers all led to not being good enough, because I would never measure up.  I would not be able to be perfect, work hard enough, or accomplish something that was important enough.

Shame becomes the basic experience of being human.  It creates the disconnection from self and others.  It leads to a life of justifying your lack, blaming it on someone else, hiding out so others won’t see you, acting as if you do measure up, or numbing your pain in addictions.  There are moments of feeling good and then the old patterns reappear.  Since we believe we are the lack we have come to see in ourselves, we create our lives so that they reinforce what we believe.

Brene Brown’s research indicated that people who lived without shame were willing to be vulnerable.  To me, that means we are willing to be imperfect.  We can show up just as we are.  We are enough right now.  We are already whole, perfect, and loveable in all of our imperfection.  Human life was never about being perfect.  

During my own process, I discovered that being okay with who I am means I need to change that old programming.  That’s why I developed Complementary Color Therapy.  Shame can only be present when some part of us is separated from our inner truth.  Breathing-in pairs of colors reconnects us to that truth.  We then see that our programming was an illusion.

It is now time to come home to all of who we are.  

The Luminary called Integrity describes it this way:  “Step through the emerald doorway of the heart declaring, ‘I remember! I am home! I am!’” We are being prodded to move into a deep acceptance and love for our humanity and a reverence for our divinity.  We can no longer keep our heads buried, trudging along as if it’s okay to just make it through each day.  We are longing to feel that inner connection with self and that outer connection with others.  That process requires us to pull our heads out of the sand, look around, see what is around us without judging it.  We are learning to accept it all.

How has shame affected your journey?  What has helped you to accept yourself in your imperfection?  What is coming up right now in your life to take you to the next step?

Color Therapy Can Dissolve Shame
My own life journey has led me to create “tools” to assist in the process of self-acceptance
.  Complementary Color Therapy is one of those tools.  It brings together the human and the being that we are through the vibrations of color.  The colors support us in shifting old perceptions that have perpetuated shame.  A new class is forming currently.  It starts with the Level 1 Basic Color Course which is available to everyone (along with 4 weekly classes that support what you are learning).  You can join us for the Color Course 101 only or follow that with the practitioner 22 week training program that leads to certification.

Series Illuminating the Luminaries
For those who are fascinated by the Luminaries (mandala art called symbalas created by Lahrinda Eileen and a book I wrote), you can now take the series as a home study course or you can join the group phone calls that go with the course.

Living Without Shame through the Power of Color
Are you ready to be enough? Listen to a radio show recording with Leslie Romine and me about shame.

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