polarity in red and green

Are you feeling fatigued by the flood of changes, disruptions, and sense of chaos in the world around us? Has it spilled over into your personal life?

Recently, I found myself saying, “ I need a vacation!” Nothing in my life seemed to be flowing. I planned; things changed.  I was ready to throw up my hands and get out of town.

Taking a break can be very beneficial. Opting out in frustration, not so much.


A quote in an article sent to me by a friend helped me put things into perspective:

“If you do not trust life to unfold, the mind takes over and it becomes a game of strategy, motivated by anxiety. This mistrust is unfair. Life has given us so much, and yet we do not trust it.”


I’ve learned that trusting doesn’t mean sitting around waiting for the Universe to rain down all things good. I’m still the one in human form that needs to act when the time is right. However, action out of frustration or action intended to kick the ball forward with no attention to the game, usually ends badly.

I find that I am learning a new way of being. We don’t need to operate from one pole that is frustrated- action or the other pole that is trust that it will all be taken care of. There is a balance somewhere In the middle. In between frustration and blind trust (of an outside force) is a place of awake, aware action guided by inner trust.

How do we get to that in between place? Here is a process I find helpful.

  1. Recognize frustration
  2. Give voice to the poles that seem to be opposites
  3. Embrace those opposites (Embrace human frustration and inner trust)
  4. See the differences between the poles as two parts of a whole. ie: Frustration can lead to awareness. Seeking answers from your inner trust allows light to shine on what seems to be a problem. Enlightened action can result.
  5. Celebrate a new way of creating your experiences that doesn’t avoid or shove aside anything, but can lead to easily moving into the next step of life.


I find that “tools” come in handy when I get hijacked into a blind spot. Creating a polarity balance has become my “go to” resolution.

Here are the tools that we offer at the Power of Color that come out of our life experiences, information about how energy works,  and inner guidance.

Learning to use pairs of complementary colors to bridge the divide between human abilities and divine guidance.

Using both sides of the brain along with the your inner Masculine (action oriented) and Feminine (receptive) Energies.

If you are ready to take the leap into a new kind of balance, this last course is starting now. It incorporates both the complementary colors and the balance of masculine and feminine principles in a step by step approach to empower specific areas of your life. It’s home study plus group phone calls so you can be involved no matter where you are. More Information

So instead of getting sidelined by what happens around us, let’s get aligned and energized by the tools that are right here to help us!

Arlene Arnold
Founder of Complementary Color Therapy