Today’s The Power of Color Radio Show was on Feeling Blue. I was talking to Chris before the show and she reminded me that we are in the midst of a Blue Moon.  I’ve noticed in the last few days that I have had trouble sleeping and others have told me the same.  So that led me to wonder what the Blue Moon might have to do with Feeling Blue.

I suspect that the Blue Moon is sending energy that helps us shift so we can keep up with the next steps in the unfolding of our life purpose.  Since Feeling Blue can be about feeling we are not quite in alignment, we may need to stop, feel what’s going on, and step into this new energy with the intention of being in a new alignment.  On the radio show I walked listeners through a way to realign.  You may find it helpful. Knowing how blue and orange can bring balance to how we feel and what we are here for is part of that alignment.

I have certainly felt shifts going on within me.  The trip I was on allowed me to let go of projects I was developing.  It’s easier for my inner guidance to reach me when I’m relaxed and in the flow. “Hey, why not take her away from the usual.  That could open up avenues for change!”  And so it did.  And so I am reminding myself to stay in that allowing state at home, just as I did on the trip.

What changes are you noticing?  Are you resisting the changes or allowing and celebrating them? Change is the norm.

I am reminded of the card in the Luminaries Deck called “Vortality.” “Form is becoming less solid. It now changes as is needed.  Allow this organic movement in your life. Amazing beauty and pure delight will follow.”

Arlene Arnold