Have you experienced brow beating? What is it? One dictionary definition is “intimidate with language.” I wouldn’t have suspected that it was part of my experience until I realized that anytime there is someone who pushes their idea or viewpoint on you relentlessly is involved in brow beating.

Those of us who were born with a high sensitivity and natural innocence may have felt the energy of others as intimidating. I know I tried hard to please and as I grew up I took over the role of brow-beating as an internalized way of trying to be perfect.brow beating can cause physical pain

Not only that, I suspect others found me to be bossy and somewhat pushy as a middle schooler (my unconscious way of brow beating).

There are very few who have avoided brow beating in life. It shows up in so many forms.
you can brow beat yourself Here are some I have experienced or have noticed.

  • Be perfect
  • You’re not good enough
  • Do It right
  • You are weird
  • You will never be as good as the other siblings in the family
  • You have no compassion
  • You are too sensitive
  • Work hard and stop complaining

These are just a few!  It seems that all those messages that push us down, make us small, compare us to others, require us to be someone we’re not, or require that we live up to someone else’s standards are a form of brow beating.

That doesn’t mean you had bad parents, teachers, or siblings. It just means that this theme has been running through human life back through the ages.

Well, I’m here to declare that it’s over.  It’s finished because we can now end it!

the energy of brow beating can get stuck in your body


I have been nursing a torn meniscus in my knee for months now.

I had no idea that there was a theme of brow beating in my energy field, but no matter what I did, the healing process was blocked. Everything was on hold in my life until I could sort out this blockage and release the healing process within me.

Through a series of opportunities to understand what I was dealing with, I was able to see the theme and name it. For me, that is always the beginning of healing whatever is blocked.

I want to share with you my journal writing that brought me to that moment of clearing the blockage.
Journal writing can teach you about brow beating

I always reach out to all the help I have from my inner knowing, guidance from the inner planes, colors, and whatever information is highest and best for me when I journal.  That information is in quotation marks.  My comments and questions are without quotation marks.  So here goes:

Brow beating theme

I am here to understand and to put to rest this theme

“Dear One, we are all here with you. We are so glad you are focusing on this issue. It has dogged your many lives and continues to affect your energy. . . .”

My usual way to resolve such an issue is to ‘do’ something. This feels different

“Yes, the times are different. You are now aware of this issue. That is the start-point. Now, spend some time in meditation.

meditating can teach you about brow beating

Be with this. Feel it. Know it. Be with the stream of energy that is the process of healing. As you observe, it will move. There is nothing more to do other than that.”



My personality self wants to know if I will need surgery.

I feel that this new process is to include my personality self in observing the movement that is now happening.

I am to let go of any need to know. I am to trust the process and trust the movement and trust myself as I heal! The rest will be revealed.

“Yes! Yes! This is so!”

You can feel the energy change when you release the theme of brow beating

It was very clear that something had changed. I had healed only to 25-35% until that point. Within less than a day, I knew that my knee was headed toward a 75% healing of the meniscus tear.  The bone bruise would take longer. It certainly seemed like surgery would not be necessary.

Much of this is probably not new to you or me. But, there is a time when we really “get it”! That’s the point of letting go of trying to make it happen. We drop down into that nurturing energy that let’s us know that everything is all right. We can relax and just be with the healing.
transformation happens when you release the brow beating energySo, if you have had a blockage to healing, see if this process resonates for you. If you want some help with it, schedule a Transformational Session with me.  It’s amazing how our energies work together for a higher purpose!

Alandra-Arlene Arnold
(Alandra is my Spirit name.  I have decided to start using it because its frequency is wanting to come forward.)

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