What does clarity look like to you?

Does it mean you have a clear life path–a sense of what you are here in this life for.

Or perhaps clarity means you see who you are, not from another’s perspective, but from getting real with yourself. And sometimes that comes because you have said, “No, that’s not who I am.”

Clarity can also mean that you have cleared away old messages about life, it’s meaning, your obligations to others, and all the many “should’s” that were heaped on you. This can leave you with a clean slate–a place to start that doesn’t have all the puzzle pieces of life already assembled for you. Then, you can fill that slate with what seems real to you; what makes you happy; what stokes your passion without expecting others to have the same things on their slate. In other words, you don’t have to compare yourself to others or to measure up to some imaginary yardstick that says, “Be this, do that, think this so you will be acceptable.”

That’s where courage comes in. With nobody else’s parameters defining you, this new kind of freedom can be daunting.  “What if I leave behind something that is important? What if I am just kidding myself? Can I be this capable, this able to navigate my own life?”

“Will I lose family and friends because I am not conforming? Will I have those in my life who are willing to listen to me and want to share ideas without telling me what’s right and wrong?”

The color Yellow, along with Purple, give us tools for clarity and courage. The frequency of Yellow, found in the energy of the solar plexus, shines sunshine on our questions of who we are. We are able to sort through life to see what we are good at, what unique attributes we bring to life. The more we clear away what doesn’t seem right to us, the more we are able to own up to how we show up being as real and capable as we can in this moment.

On the other hand, Purple helps us take a deeper look. Intuitively, we know what strikes a resonant chord to us. When we step into that knowing, it no longer seems like courage; it’s just what we are here to do and be. Others see it as courage yet you know that avoiding your true life calling or avoiding what gifts you bring to life is a kind of dying, the kind that takes away the joy of life.

Clarity and courage don’t seem to be handed to us. They come because we have been willing to notice what doesn’t seem to make sense for us and what doesn’t seem authentic for us. That kind of clarity and courage come from paying attention and finding ways to release what seems to keep us stuck in repeating patterns.

If find that having “tools” to see those stuck places and simple ways to release their hold on us, makes the process organic and sometimes even joyful.

Balancing Masculine/Feminine

Balancing Masculine/Feminine

Our course “Heal and Embrace Your Inner Masculine and Feminine” is one of those “tools.” It shows you where imbalance in the “doing” and “receiving” of life may have kept you stuck. It ferrets out beliefs you didn’t know you had or life patterns that create static in your energy field. Through simple techniques of breathing and visualizing, you release what is no longer value-added in your life and you embrace a balance that smooths out what was once stressful. This leaves more room for deep friendships, appreciation of life (whatever it looks like at this moment), and a sense of well being and purpose.

This course is home study plus sharing in group phone calls that you can join no matter where you live. Here’s more information about the course and when it starts.

Blessings with your own brand of clarity and courage!

Arlene Arnold
Founder of Complementary Color Therapy