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Arlene Arnold

This tool is part of my book called “Relax, Relieve, Rejuvenate” which is available in our store.

Choosing what You Want to Experience in Your Day: Focusing on what you want instead of dreading the day can change what happens.  You can do this through prayer or intention.  Both are helpful.  I’m going to show you something else to add to this. Before you get out of bed in the morning, think about the day ahead.

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In this calm state, think about your day, not as a burden, but as an intention for how you want to experience it.  How would you like to feel during the day?  If there were a color that could help you feel that way, what color would it be? (The first one that comes to mind).  

Cover your activities with that color.  Surround yourself with that color.  You might want to wear that color.

For example, you are planning to be with children during the day.  You would like the experience to be a calm, heartfelt time of connecting with them.  The color that might come to you is pink.  Imagine surrounding yourself and the children with pink as you go through the activities of the day.  Imagine that you are enveloped in a pink bubble.

Does that seem too simple? Well, that’s the power of color. It’s simple and life changing. 

As you pick a color for your day, you are setting an intention. You are asking the color to lend its vibration to what you want to experience. Since different colors (different frequencies of energy that we see as color) affect us in different ways, the color will bring that to you in your day.

By imagining that color around you, it immediately brings the frequency to your body. Your senses take it in. Your body organs and systems begin to respond to that color. 

In addition to seeing the color with inner eyes, you may taste it, hear it, smell it, or feel it. The frequency of the color can be found in all the senses.

When you ask yourself, “if there were a color that could help me today, what color would it be? First one that comes to mind,” you are allowing your inner knowing to choose a color that will be just right for you.

For example, you have some important tasks you would like to accomplish. The color that will naturally come to you might be one with a lot of energy, like red or orange.

If you are taking a time-out for yourself that day, the color that you think of might be very soothing, like blue, green, or pink. Sometimes, you may be surprised by the color that comes to mind.  It may not seem to fit your intentions for the day.

That’s something to pay close attention to. Your human self may have an intention that is not what is best for you that day. Your inner knowing is picking a color that will be more in alignment with the natural flow that is already available that day. Remember, there are many influences in your day that you might not be consciously aware of. 

For example, this might be a day of the full moon. Often that’s a time of transformation or of taking in new energies that are coming to the earth. You could go ahead with your agenda, but, in my experience, when I buck the organic flow of my energy, nothing seems to go right. I expend energy in a direction that isn’t in the flow so it fizzles. At the end of the day, I have accomplished nothing and I’m out of sorts and frustrated.

What if something unexpected is about to happen that day? Your inner self knows this is a possibility so will pick a color that will align with what is about to happen.

You don’t have to know why a certain color comes to you. I know that’s hard to let go of. We want to be in charge.  However, trusting that when you ask, the color that comes is exactly right for the day, means that you are accessing and listening to a deeper part of yourself.

That’s empowering! Not only that, but it allows you to hand off that stress you have been carrying on your back. Let it go and let the colors take over.

This tool can bring you greater trust in your inner knowing. It can also help you stay in your unique, personal flow. That allows your body to relax, even when it’s in high gear.

Try it! It may just become part of your daily routine.

©Arlene Arnold

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