A Dialogue with Colors You Like Least

Dialoging with colors is an interesting journey.  I have loved color all my life, but I never truly understood its influence until I took a two year course to become a Spiritual Guide & Healing Facilitator.  During that course we were introduced to many ways to enhance well-being.

One of my greatest revelations was that everything is made of energy and that energy is in motion.

Your body needs certain energy frequencies that show up as color.  When these frequencies slow down or are blocked this affects you on all levels.  Our language suggests this.  For example, you might say, “She’s green with envy or “He’s so blue” (sad or depressed).  This means that the frequencies of green and blue are not vibrating properly.  Something has interrupted the flow.   You might think of it like a river.  After a storm, there may be branches or debris that disrupt the flow.  Too much water can cause the flow to be too powerful.  Too little water can slow the river or even cause it to dry up in areas.  So if your well-being is dependent on this flow of colorful energy, it’s important that you know when energy frequencies have been disrupted and how to bring them back into balance.

When you dislike or avoid a certain color this indicates that the color is not flowing properly.  Something has disrupted it.

In this article, you will learn some of the indications that green is not flowing properly. From that, you can discover where green may be unbalanced in you. Then, you will be guided through a visualization to bring green back into balance.

How Others Experience Your Energy When Green is Out of Balance

You affect people through the energy field around you.  When green is out of balance, people around you feel uncomfortable.  So, balance is important to you on two fronts: what you experience and how your energy affects others.

What Green Can Tell You When green is not flowing, the most common experiences are:
  • Envy
  • Feeling unloved
  • Closed off
  • Never asking for help
  • Unwilling to change

The green energy is your ability to love yourself and others. When it is out of balance with too much green or not enough green, you try too hard to be cared about or you are unable to receive caring from others.

A Story about Unbalanced Green

People in Jesse’s life felt he was removed like there was a wall between him and them.  No matter how much they told him they loved him, his frostiness just didn’t seem to melt.

Early in his life Jesse’s parents had divorced. He found himself bouncing from one to the other until he entered school and then he would be with one during the week and the other on the weekends.  Jesse’s parents did what they could to help him feel that they both loved him, but when his parents were in the same room there was a coldness in the air.  Each was afraid to let down their guard for fear of being hurt again.

Perhaps Jesse had taken on the worry for himself. He just didn’t know how to open up to others. This affected his relationships and often he felt lonely.

Your Experiences with Green Since you chose green as the color you like least, there is some imbalance of that color which needs to be transformed. Which of the suggested experiences with unbalanced green (above) sound familiar to you? Transforming Unbalanced Green Energy As you can see from Jesse’s story, his green energy is disrupted.  Let’s see how Jesse and you can shift green energy that is not flowing.

Focus on something in your life that would indicate an imbalance in green. As you do the following visualization, you will consciously bring green and red into your energy field. You are asking these colors to transform the energy that is stuck in one point of view. Imbalanced green can begin to change as red brings vitality and passion to a closed heart. This changes how you see the situation. You become the observer so that new ways to see that people are here to help and care about you emerge.

That’s why I created the system of transforming energy called Complementary Color Therapy. Here you will experience a bit of this kind of balancing process.

Experiencing Balance in Green Approach this visualization as if you were dreaming. Your mind does not need to make sense of it.

* Take a few deep breaths. Allow yourself to relax with each breath.

greenImagine you are wrapping yourself in a beautiful green scarf or soft blanket.  Feel the green vibration as is soaks into your cells. Breathe into the green.

Ask green if it will partner with red in order to balance your energy.  Wait until you know that green has agreed.

Notice now that a beautiful rich red vibration is coming up through your feet and spreading into your body and energy field.  Let red know that you need its help.

green2.jpgAsk if it will partner with green to bring balance to green’s frequency. Wait until you feel that red has agreed to help you.   Observe how the two colors meet and begin to transform your energy. However that happens is what is just right for you.

Notice anything that seems to be changing. Don’t analyze it – just notice what you feel.

When you feel the colors fully working together, they can go back to where they naturally belong in your body and energy field.

Thank both colors for helping you. Take several deep breaths.

Begin to move back into this time and space.  Notice the chair you are sitting in.  Take another deep breath.  When you are ready, open your eyes and look at your hands so that you will be fully present.  You may feel something right away or you may notice changes over time.  Take notes so you can be fully aware of what happens.

  Finding Balance with Other Colors

Now that you have experienced what it means to dislike or avoid a color, you might like to learn about the other 5 colors and what happens when they are not balanced.

Experiencing the visualizations for these colors is always helpful to create a fully balanced set of frequencies in your body and energy field.  This allows you to stay healthy and to recover quickly from any imbalances that may come up.

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