I watched a video (link below) that really caught my interest this morning.  It steered me in a helpful direction.

In this video Matt Kahn encourages us to leave behind what we think is our truth and move into becoming “goodness.”  He claims that giving compliments to yourself and others allows us to move into the heart and become the goodness we are.  This raises our vibration and consequently radiates that goodness.

When you are in a conversation with someone who is very negative, giving them a compliment is the farthest thing from our natural response.  But, feel the energy of this kind of response.  9506970608_5ec3d5d637_b (1)

“I can see how passionate you are about that!”

“How deeply you feel for the pain in the world.”

“I can feel how much you want life to be different.”

“You are so observant!”

Can you feel the shift in the energy?  You are not saying they are wrong to feel that way.  You are saying there is something wonderful about them.  They matter and you care that they matter.

If they persist in going back to the negative, then find something else to compliment them on.  According to Kahn it sometimes take 3 times for the energy to shift.

This is a spiritual practice.  This will help us as much as the other person because we will be leaving behind judgment of where they are coming from.  According to Kahn the person’s negativity can be the soul’s attempt to break through old patterns.  Your compliment may be part of that break-through.

Then, there is the more challenging part of giving ourselves compliments.  You may think this will enlarge the ego.  Instead, it takes the ego into a higher vibration of goodness.

Kahn suggests that compliments can be everyday, simple things.

Here’s one I did for myself:

“Look at that!  I only ate 3 cookies instead of the whole box! I really care about myself.”

“Wow!  I noticed how I was feeling and took time to be with it! I like that new pattern.”

What are some ways you could compliment yourself about what is true for you?  Your unconscious hears that compliment.  Immediately the energy changes.

We might call that reframing, but Kahn suggests that we leave that behind as well.  It’s simply finding a way to compliment yourself so the energy shifts, allowing you to become the vibration of goodness, which is who you are already.

One way this works for me in using color therapy is to ask, “If there were a color that would help, what color would it be?  First one that comes to mind.”  I then imagine that color around the person or myself.  That takes my focus to something positive–a kind of compliment in color.

Living as “goodness” changes us, changes others around us, and then radiates out  to change the world.  What would such a world feel like?  Could it be that simple?  Give it a try and then let me know how it worked for you.

Blessings on your journey,

Arlene Arnold


Matt Kahn’s video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjwTW-sjIto