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This is a week of reflection.  It’s not about going back to what has been.  It is about expanding into what is. If there is something that needs to be released, the expansion will make this abundantly clear.

What is may seem bland as you leave behind the emotional charge of third dimensional dramas. This feeling of bland energy is like a blank slate. You get to create whatever you desire. This creation paints a new scene, a new playground of human experience.

Do you want to settle into the “peace that passes all understanding? Create this or allow this as part of your evolving blank slate.

picture copyright: Zalewski

Do you choose to repair a relationship? Invite that person to your creation board. If that person refuses to come, bless them on their journey. Let them know you are available if and when they choose to show up.

If that person does show up, welcome them. Notice the energy strand that connects your two heart centers. Focus on that. Create that awareness. Let the rest fall away.

What falls away is like episodes of a reality show. You helped to create those episodes; you can now let them go.

What have you learned from the episodes of the reality show? Enfold that into your heart gems. Use them to increase your compassion. Surround those heart gems with your highest self-understanding.

Those heart gems move deep into an energy reservoir of spiritual maturity. Consciously embrace this spiritual maturity. It frees you for greater and greater flexibility.

This allows you to free-flow into the next indicated direction and experience.

And so it is!

Arlene Arnold