How do you know if you have taken on someone else’s emotions or thoughts?

How do you feel?

  • Tired
  • Out of sorts
  • Confused
  • Unable to focus

Those are just some of the indications that you are carrying around others’ energy, not just your own.

How you feel physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually gives you clues.

However, most people ignore how they feel or take medicine to dampen the feelings or change them.

That doesn’t solve the problem.

Over the years I have helped many (including myself) who are sensitive to the energy they carry around. It’s a given that we feel great compassion for the pain that we sense in others. And . . . truth be told, we want them to feel better so we don’t have to feel their pain. And it’s a whole lot more than that!

You first have to understand that feeling better starts with you. What others are feeling is theirs. Taking on their emotions is something you can change in yourself.

Whenever we want to change something, first we have to be able to identify the problem. Obviously, if you avoid what is going on, you just missed the opportunity to feel better.

So . . . the first step is to pinpoint what you are feeling and to know if what you are feeling is yours, someone else’s or both.

Sounds simple! But, it’s not. All you may know for sure is that you feel awful!

That’s one of the reasons I created the course “Learn to Thrive as a Highly Sensitive/Intuitive Person.”

If you are ready to know clearly what you feel and how to deal with it, check out the information about our course. You can start on it right now!