You may feel them as body aches and pains, feeling low, noticing that odd thoughts surface, or that you just don’t trust your deeper self.

You are not alone. Many are experiencing this.

Allow yourself to notice what surfaces without becoming it. Feel the emotions. Notice the thoughts. Be aware of the part of you that doesn’t trust.

As you give attention to them, without taking on these emotions and beliefs, there is a healing that can take place.

Call in the colors to help. You don’t have to know which ones.  Just allow the appropriate frequency of color to appear in your mind’s eye. Wrap it around you.

When you are ready, go deep to find your inner light. Celebrate your magnificence. Notice how this also allows you to celebrate the courage of your human self who is willing to embrace your inner truth without minimizing its part in this incarnation. As your human/divine magnificence, you become more aware of your soul in human form. This is the power of Love right here, right now.


  The Luminary called “Love” says:

   When humanity acts from fear, Love disappears  It is as if a veil is placed

   between humans and that which most deeply connects them to Love.

   Survival becomes the main focus. That can change. Love has never

   left. Humans often fear being abandoned, but Love, with all its attributes, waits in the wings ready to be acknowledged.  Remember that you were           birthed from Love; therefore, you are a rainbow energy imprint of Love.




The Luminary called “Illumination” reminds us:


illumination-nobackgrd   Light magnifies light, which magnifies light, which impacts the entire

   universe so let your light shine!







And so it is!

Arlene Arnold
Founder of Complementary Color Therapy

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