This moment is all you and I have.  What was is over.  What will be is not yet.

Life’s mastery is to keep one’s focus in this moment. But our programming makes that challenging.  The mind has developed protective patterns that relive the past to be sure we have learned from what happened and patterns that anticipate the future so we will be ready for whatever comes. Those patterns keep us alert.  At first glance, this might seem helpful, but the body reacts by tensing up which leads to stressful living.  You can’t force yourself to be in the present.  So, what can you do to keep your attention right here, right now?

1. Ask yourself often, “Where is my attention?”

2. Take a deep breath.

3. Observe what you were thinking about.

4. Is it value added?

5. if not, accept that the thoughts are there.  Some part of you is in a mode of protection, even if that means you have gone into blaming yourself or another.  Accept that this is a human response.

6. Ask this question, “If there were a color I could wrap around these thoughts that would help me release them, what color would that be?  First one that comes to mind.”

7. Imagine your thoughts as a cloud of energy.  Thank those thoughts for trying to protect you.  Then, wrap that cloud of thoughts in the color that came to you. In your mind’s eye, see the cloud of thought energy dissolve.

8. Take a deep breath.

9. Use one of your senses to experience something that is right here right now. It could be something you smell, see, taste, feel, or hear. Be with whatever you notice. Experience it fully.

The process you just experienced will allow you to stay in the moment.  

Just know that this takes practice.  You have to be willing to pay attention to what you are thinking and feeling.

Let me know how you stay present.  What works for you?



Arlene Arnold

Founder of Complementary Color Therapy

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