Your Favorite Color

What That Means and Why That Matters

Everybody seems to have at least one favorite color.

Often it has been the same color for many years. Do you have a favorite color that has been important for you for a long time?

Why are we drawn to a certain color? 

It might be because you like the way it feels. It’s comfortable, like a shoe that fits well or your favorite hat that feels like an old friend. How does your favorite color feel to you?

Each color has its own feeling based on its vibration.

Vibration has to do with how strong and how fast the energy of the color oscillates. Color may seem static to you, but like everything else in creation, it is vibrating even though you can’t see it.

You might think of it like you would sound. The lower register of sound can be heavy and slow like a rumbling of thunder or it can be light and tinkling like bells.  Some people like loud deep sound (lots of base).  Others like melodic easy sound. And others like high soaring sound. Just as you respond differently to different sounds, you also respond in different ways to specific colors.

Each vibration of color means something to us. For example, imagine you are in a red jumpsuit or red robe.  How does that feel?

Now, imagine you are in a pink jumpsuit or robe.  How does that feel?

They feel quite different, don’t they?  Depending on what you are like, one may feel more comfortable than the other.

The color that is your favorite resonates with your energy. 

If you tend to be energetic and love to be on the move, red might suit your style.

However, if you feel more comfortable with soft colors, pink might fit for you. Pink can feel cuddly and soothing.  But, for the fast paced person, pink might seem too soft and too slow.  Even though pink has some red in it, the white and bit of blue that are part of pink change the vibration.

You may or may not want your favorite color as part of your wardrobe or in your environment.

If you are fast paced already, more red could be over the top for you.  You might prefer red’s color complement green which can bring balance to your high energy.

Something Special about Your Favorite Color!

Your favorite color indicates a strength that is part of your personality.

It can be something you seem to be born with or something you develop over time. That’s why your favorite color may change.

Usually that color vibration is in the energy field around your body.

Others feel its quality and unconsciously pick up on what you are like. (When that color is out of balance, they pick that up too, but that is another story for another time.)

Jane’s favorite color is green. She loves working in her garden and always has flowers and plants in her apartment. She tends them tenderly. Often she treats others with that same kind of tenderness and can be surprised when people are mean to each other. When Jane is out of sorts, she retires to her yard and garden. There she regains her usual calm center.

Jane’s strength, which is found in green, is her love for all things that grow on the earth.  Tending the earth with such care allows the earth and it’s bounty to flourish.

Another strength Jane exhibits is her loving heart.  Green is the vibration of the heart center (the chest, arms and hands). When someone is in trouble, she feels it and is ready to help. Her arms reach out to others.

How does your favorite color radiate your strength?  Are you using that strength consciously or does it just come to you easily?

Understanding and Nurturing Your Color Strength

Jane may find that she gives away so much of herself that she gets worn out. Understanding that her strength has to be supported can be important to her well-being.

She automatically goes to the garden when something doesn’t feel right, but what if she knew clearly that she needs to be constantly renewed through working in her garden or walking in the woods. Making that connection to the earth keeps her life in perspective—a dance of giving and receiving.  Instead of saying she doesn’t have time to walk in the woods, she would make that a priority in her life.  It would clearly be part of her calendar of events as much so as doing the grocery shopping.

Over time, Jane may find that she listens to her heart to know when and how much to give to others. She learns that she can offer, but not insist on helping.

Do you know how to support your color strength?

Getting Clear about Your Strength

Would you like to know more about your favorite color? Perhaps you would like to see how you can support that personality strength.  It is not possible to give you the meanings of all the colors, but here are six colors for you to choose from.

When you click on one of the links, you will receive a helpful description of that color and how you might understand its importance in your life.

Have fun with it and know that you bring special gifts to this life through the attributes of that color.


Arlene Arnold