As humans we have lived in a duality of separation.

This is good; that is bad.

I want this; I don’t want that.

I value this; not that.

This has led to wars, family feuds, personal self esteem issues, and so much more. This kind of separation makes finding your authentic center nearly impossible. So how do we make a change?


An important part of finding your authentic center is to be able to embrace both the active masculine part of you and the receptive feminine part. These may look quite different in people, so finding what that feels like for you and how that shows up in your life will also be unique.

The active get-it-done masculine energy has dominated most cultures on earth for a very long time.  It has left us with beliefs about ourselves and others that may not seem authentic to you.

Here’s one limiting belief I took on: If you don’t get things done, you are lazy. Of course having my astrological sun sign in Aries, which is a fire sign, adds to that propensity. Before I learned how to work with the Aries energy, I would push myself to exhaustion and burnout.

My moon is in Pisces which is a water sign. Pisces is intuitive and flowing. In my life I have often bounced back and forth between making things happen and going with the flow. I never felt settled into my authenticity by going from extreme to extreme. Over the years I have seen this quandary in many others besides myself.

We are in a time of finding that place inside that honors the polarity of human life.  Just like the movement of electricity can’t happen without a + and – pole, you and I can only find our authentic center by accepting both the active and receptive parts of ourselves.

Even though I stop myself from moving forward when my inner knowing says “rest” or “wait,” I feel like something is missing. The question I have been mulling around recently is “What if I started my day and my projects from the receptive energy? What would that look like?  How would that feel?”

I often start my day by breathing complementary colors which are made up of the active primary color and the receptive secondary color. That begins my day in balance.

However, old patterns tend to arise. “What am I going to accomplish today?  What needs my attention?” Those are important questions, but what if I started from a sense or feeling about the day first?

As of today, I am starting a personal experiment. I invite you to join me. Here’s how I understand this process:

  • My focus: What am I asking to come forward in my life?
  • My statement:  I am already that.
  • My intention: Breathe into that statement until I feel it in every fiber of my body and being.
  • Pay attention:
    • What do I draw to me?
    • What action naturally flows from what I have drawn to me?

For Example:

  • My focus: I want the products and courses I have created to serve more people.
  • My statement: I am already serving to my highest and best.
  • My intention: I breathe into being the energy of serving to my highest and best until I know that I am that.
  • Pay attention:
    • Every day I draw to me amazing people, experiences, and opportunities to serve.
    • If there is more, I am willing to wait until I know it is time to act.


This will require a deep revision in me.  Already I can feel that active side of me saying, “Can we just get on with it?”

There’s a part of me that trusts action more than waiting for the right moment. I know that acting first limits what might come to me so I am ready to develop a new pattern.

During this experiment, I intend to meet that part of me that is antsy.  I have met it before, but now I will show it a new way of being human.

What would your life look like if you lived from your authentic center? Since you are unique, how is your inner balance different from others? Is there any part of you that wants to dominate?

Have fun with this. Let the experiment guide you. I would love to hear about your experiences.

Arlene Arnold