Let's Find a Focus for the Week!

What you focus on is what you create!

Each week I will pick cards from the ColorCards and the Luminaries to see what the week holds for us. Then, I will talk a bit about the information that comes up.  I like to compare it to the astrology that is affecting us and to such things as a full moon or new moon and energies that seem to be building around us.

As time allows, I will pick one card for those who ask for a reading.

You will find us on FaceBook here or YouTube here Fridays at noon PT/3ETfor these weekly readings. They are free and lots of fun!

People find this focus and reading is even more impactful when they have the ColorCards and Luminaries to refer back to. I suggest the combination of the ColorCards Set plus the Mini Colorcards. You get an immediate thumbnail answer, yet you can go much deeper as you pick a card for you Life Purpose and you choose a paragraph that stands out for that week.

The Luminaries include 24 colorful mandala cards plus a booklet of poetry and prose that takes you deep into the meaning of the card.

Blessings on your journey!
Arlene Arnold

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What does your FAVORITE COLOR tell you about you?

Each color has its own frequency.  That frequency has meaning.

That means that your favorite color can tell you something about yourself.

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