Focusing on What’s Important

My friend Peggy sent me this article today!
The Wisdom in Golf Balls, How to Become More Mindful of What Really Matters

This must be part of the energy of this amazing time (full moon, eclipse, grand cross). We are being prodded to focus on what really matters.

What is really important to you?  Are you paying attention to that?  Or are you fussing about all the details.  Not that details don’t matter, but they are there to support what’s important.

Instead of golf balls, Peggy used her special rocks.  What a great way to remember to focus on what’s important!

Time is moving faster and faster.  If you are like me, more opportunities are coming in one after the other.  Staying in rhythm with myself is part of what is important to me.

You will know what to focus on as you stay connected with yourself and others through the heart.

Here are some opportunities I am offering.  Use your heart meter to see if they are the right focus for you.

Mining the Meanings of the Luminaries

Series 4: Leaping with Faith

“Leaping with Faith” requires courage.  We have been preparing for this leap through all our earth lifetimes.  We now have the opportunity to move from a carbon-based existence into a fluid crystal form.  We do not need to die in order to shift dimensions.  We can now ascend by becoming less solid and more fluid.  We now move to experiences that do not require concentrated form as found in the third dimension.

  • ·         Passionate Ascension encourages us to use its propellant vortex to spiral us into new dimensions. 
  • ·         Neo-Matrix provides geometry for us and for the earth that resonates to these accelerated vibrations, allowing us to integrate the changes.
  • ·         Through Vortality we become the experiences of fluid co-creation with all our senses intact and our passion liberated.

Series 4 starts May 6th.  You will want to sign up prior to that so you can be experiencing Passionate Ascension before the class on that Tuesday.

Classes in Bellingham, WA – May 2-4

(Please let your friends in that area know about them

  • ·         Introduction to Color Therapy
  • ·         Humpty Dumpty Gets It Together
  • ·         Relax, Relieve, Rejuvenate
  • ·         Personal Transformational Sessions

Color Therapy Training Class Beginning Now
Payment plans available


Arlene Arnold