Gaining Inner Peace by Living in the Moment Picture

Are you stressed with what you need to do? Does each task seem too much? Inner peace comes by living in this moment fully!

This week I felt like I was living an old version of me–the one that felt overwhelmed by things to do and agreeing to too many projects and responsibilities. Once again, I was ahead of myself. I was in the next moment, not this one. This old version of me felt uncomfortable, like clothing I have outgrown, but found in my closet.

This morning I received some helpful reminders in my journaling.

“At this time there is much in flux. Being at peace within is the primary intention. Shaping the future comes from honoring the moment. All else is wasted energy.”

The upcoming full moon also helps us understand why these old patterns are coming up. This is a time of purging the old patterns. Like me, you may have been doing this for some time. Now is the time to complete anything that is leftover. We are constantly given opportunities to see if we have completed the purge.

This week I noticed that my drain was getting clogged up again! Thinking about clearing that drain seemed like one more stress. OK, I could be frustrated or I could use it as a way to see what was clogged up in me. I found old energy on the back of my heart. The colors that wanted to help clear this energy are new ones, crystalline black and crystalline white. These colors cleaned up that leftover energy in short order.

I also reminded myself that clearing the bathroom drain could be done easily and effortlessly. I could make it difficult or intend that it was no big deal.

I sealed the whole process by using drain cleaner. Now the physical and the etheric are cleaned up.

What opportunities are coming up for you to finish clearing old patterns? Are you getting frustrated? Or, are you staying in the awareness of the moment, using your tools that clear energy you no longer need?

Is your mind orchestrating what happens next by moving into the “what if’s” and “I should’s” of the future or are you shaping what comes next from this present moment of clarity?

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Arlene Arnold


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