What would our days be like if they flowed with grace and ease?

That was my question to myself as I considered an intention for 2018.


The following quote sums up a good part of that intention:

“When we can stay connected to our curiosity, rather than attached to a specific outcome … Then we can be wide open to new & unexpected possibilities, instead of trying to force everything to be the way our mind wants it to turn out.” Jocelyn Mercado



I find that my mind doesn’t know a lot about grace and ease.  It’s focus is on “get it done” as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I sat in meditation, feeling the difference in these energies (get it done; be open to the possibilities)  Actually, I appreciate both of them. But I have learned a different way to get things done, a way that doesn’t create stress in my body.

Instead of insisting on a goal for myself, I create an intention with some checkpoints along the way. Goals tend to take me into self competition that includes day-to-day tension and judgment if I don’t accomplish it.

I now start with an intention statement at the top of my list of possible tasks.

“Let the adventure continue. . .”

Adventure feels fun.  It accesses the curious side of my brain.

Then, I scan down the list and feel which adventure I would like to experience. As I move into the next task, I find that the answers and help that I need just show up,

Does that seem airy fairy?  I thought so once too. But, I was pretty much forced into finding a different way of creating my life.  The stress from the way I was using my mind and how I was forcing my body to live were causing me back spasms, headaches, and stomach problems. My teeth were in jeopardy from clenching and grinding them at night.

Living in this intense action oriented, fight or flight mode needed to change. Discovering the balance that comes with using complementary colors as a healing mode started me down a different path.

I would love to tell you that I immediately changed. I’m stubborn. Or maybe persistent? Or maybe those messages of needing to accomplish something had gone deep into my psyche. They didn’t dissolve all at once; they peeled off in layers.

You can see that even in 2018 I am consciously using my task list to remind me to choose the grace, ease and fun that is possible. And Jocelyn’s message adds the sense of curiosity to the adventure.

As I write this, I also remember the Healing Exercise for Turquoise in the Colorcards book.

“Relax into a state of deep awareness. Become a leaf floating on the river of life. Smell the fresh, sweet air. Hear the birds singing in the trees.  Feel the gentle nudges of the breeze. Float with the flow of the river. Feel yourself shoot around rocks to join a calmer flow beyond. Rest for a while in a shady, calm pool. Swirl in a whirlpool until you are released into the flow again. Patiently stop in a stagnant pool until the cleansing rains come and you are sent along your way again. Notice that there are times when you flow along with others and times when you are alone. At some point along the way, you find that your stream converges with other streams. Together, they create a broader flow. Be present and conscious as you experience each aspect of this moving stream and the many changes of scenery.  When you return to this moment, write about what you have experienced. How can you bring that flow into your daily life?”

Yes, there are reasons we can find to say that this won’t work.  That’s a choice we can make. But life’s too short to live in constant tension.  I want to squeeze all the juice out of life whether I’m writing, teaching, enjoying dinner with friends and family, or taking a walk to the river.

What I call “work” is my passion. It is my joy to share what comes to me and through me. Why would I put myself in the straitjacket of stress?

Grace & Ease! Passion expressing itself in the flow! Living moment to moment the best way I can. I choose this again again, especially when I feel I have lost my inner  balance. And the colors are there to help.

Whatever we choose, life is an adventure! May we remember to choose what is our highest and best!

Arlene Arnold


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