Gratitude Abounds

Bubbles of Gratitude Image credit: things / 123RF Stock Photo

Today I am filled with gratitude.  My heart feels expanded, excited about something, loving each moment, noticing the sunshine, grateful for recent experiences (both loving and challenging), feeling a heart connection to so many, feeling no need to make anything happen, and on and on.

I’m wondering how much this is in response to energies that are coming to us and circulating around the world.  Are you feeling gratitude today?

Maybe it has something to do with the 21 mornings I have joined a prayer circle.  Or, maybe I just don’t need to know.  After all, it’s about the experience, not the reason why.

I looked for a picture that resonated with what I feel.  The one above came closest.  Does it feel like gratitude to you?

It’s amazing how gratitude helps me stay in the moment.  It’s as if each object around me is precious.  I feel a special bond with my cats, Starlight and Astro.

Startlight & Astro sitting in the sun

Work is fun—even doing laundry.  I’m noticing the garbage workers picking up the trash, feeling grateful for the work they do.

OK,  Big Breath!

Wow!  I’ve felt gratitude before, but not quite like this.  It’s as if every cell in my body is vibrating a message of gratitude.

This is what it’s like to live as a New Human.  When we release patterns that have kept us cycling through old thoughts, emotions and ways of living, there is room for a new way of being.  As we focus on what we desire, it is already here.  Gratitude, living in the moment, compassion for self and others, intending to offer what we came into this life to give,–all of these are part of our lives as a New Human.

The more we experience these ways of being, they become a way of life.  And as something comes up that challenges us, it will simply be part of the process.  We notice it, we use our tools to shift it, and we move on.

Join me today in gratitude and rejoicing!  We are all doing the best we can to be our truest selves.  Together we are a powerful force of vibrating love.

Arlene Arnold