When do you express gratitude? Is it after someone has done something special for you or when you’ve had an awesome day? Of course that’s a great time to be grateful, but what about those challenging days?

If we set aside our gratitude until our day is just right, we miss a great opportunity. We create and allow awesome days by starting with gratitude. Maybe all you can say as you lie in bed in the morning is “I’m grateful that I have a bed.” That’s a place to start. Or when you’re sad, “I’m grateful I can take this moment to know that I am feeling sad.”

The gratitude train can gain steam as you heap gratitude upon gratitude. At first it may be hard to be grateful for circumstances that cause you pain. Eventually you may be able to see how that situation invited you to grow and change.

I wondered what color gratitude would be. As I thought about it, every color is gratitude.  Here’s what I mean:

  • Black is gratitude for our transformation
  • Brown is gratitude for the earth
  • Green is gratitude for friends and family
  • Orange is gratitude for how we can experience our world through all our senses

I could go on through every color.

Gratitude is a way of life–an attitude that finds the glass full instead of half full or empty.

When we have lived a human pattern of feeling like life is beyond our control, it’s pretty hard to feel grateful.  That’s why gratitude is a choice. You can choose to stay in the dark dumpster or you can open the lid and  crawl out.  You can figure that you would be fine if others would change or life would stop handing you curve balls or you can take hold of your life and see what possibilities there are you may have missed.

I like this following video because it reminds us that what we experience is even more than what we think or feel.

Our experiences are based on our energy of who we are. Where are we vibrating? What are we putting out into the world that is coming back to us?

Until I discovered color therapy using color complements and found a way to shift the child parts of me that were stuck, I couldn’t imagine shaping my life in the way I do now. Mostly I just moved on instead of dealing with what was painful. So I know that changing patterns takes commitment to ourselves and some effective tools we can use.

It’s never too late to change those patterns! Give yourself a chance to be all of who you are because you are not just the person experiencing a down day. In fact you are magnificence that is waiting to be revealed.

So let’s be grateful that there is so much more to discover about ourselves, others, our world, and what it means to be a soul in human form.

Sending gratitude for you and what you bring to this life,

Arlene Arlene

Thanks to Lahrinda Eileen for letting me use her symbala called Love and Gratitude that you see at the beginning of the article.  You can find more of her symbalas at