Hang onto Your Hat, It’s Coming!

Recently in my musings, a delightful dialogue opened up between my higher wisdom and my curious self.  It went like this:

“I can feel that there’s something up in the universe.”

The statement that came through my higher wisdom said, Hang onto your hat, it’s coming!

“Okay, I’ll bite.  What’s coming?”

Well, you might say it’s already here.  At least that feels true to those who are honing their skills at sensing energy. That last full moon was a whopper!

“Well, I did have pain in my neck and a headache just before the full moon. What does that mean?”

Oh, it’s only your cells changing. Ever notice how you can start paper on fire when the intense sun is focused on it through a magnifying glass? That’s how it might feel to be in the high vibrational energy that has laser-beamed its way in your direction. Human bodies are dazed, trying to figure out what just happened.

“Why so much intense energy coming all at one time?”

That’s just it. The surge is coming and is here.  It’s time. Everyone needs to awaken now!!! The longer you hide your heads in the sand, the more intense this change will seem. The body and the field around the body has to match what is coming in; otherwise, the disharmony can mean pain and disorientation. But, it is a choice. I just thought you would want to be aware so you could make some adjustments.


The information wasn’t so much new, as a reminder.

Once again I feel so grateful to be working with color and also with the sacred geometry and color in the Symbalas that Lahrinda Eileen created for the Luminaries. I often go back to them now and also use them in the transformational sessions I offer because they are so timely. I’m sure that’s why I felt led to offer these Luminaries Series starting this winter.

Now that the first series is finishing up this week, here’s what’s coming up next.

Shifting Perspective

It is time to move out of the 3rd dimensional earth drama into a new way of being human. In order to do that, you are releasing old habits, thoughts, and emotions. This allows your individual energy vibration to move into a higher frequency. In the process, your personal energy matrix is reconfigured.

In this second series of Luminaries, Core Crucible takes you through the fiery furnace of transformation that consumes grief, hurt, and any kind of fear. This leaves your energy field swept clean


Then, Attunement’s matrix spins you from disharmony into an integrated energetic whole. Like defragging a computer, your energy field is rearranged so that you may vibrate at a higher frequency.

Finally, your life is renewed like a fresh dawn.  Dawning encourages you to push through the fog of uncertainty like opening the window to a new vista. Here your crystalline center is revealed as new growth bursts forth on your continuing life journey.

This is a three week adventure with a new Luminary each week. Each week you will receive a “Mining the Meanings of the Luminaries” guide. Participants join in a webinar with me to go deeper and experience fully each Luminary (These sessions are live and also recorded).

Sign up for this second series now!  You will need to buy the Luminaries if you don’t already have them. You will be sent week one’s guide when you sign up. The first webinar is on Tuesday, March 25th at 5:30 Pacific/8:30 Eastern.

Here’s what Ann Joles said about the first series:

“For several years I have worked with Arlene discovering the power of color and often wondered about these Luminaries sitting on my shelf.  Beautiful and radiating, I just could not attach to the images or energies to any true depth.  And I tried.  I also knew that Arlene’s Luminaries hold messages and possibilities crucial to the growth and transformation I hope to achieve.  So I waited.  When the Luminaries Series called “Mining the Meanings in the Luminaries” was announced, I was ready. The first series, Simply Self, Love Child, and Dolphin Song have proven to be new ground for me by uncovering beliefs and truths and offering tools for release and deeper work. Arlene can explain it best, but after the first few sessions it is clear to me that this work is expansive internally and cosmically – just what I need to get where I want to go.”

And so I invite you to join us! It’s mind expanding and fun!


Arlene Arnold