The Ancient Art of Color Therapy

Color Therapy may be something new to you, but the history of color therapy spans the ages. Color effectively supported healing as far back as Ancient Egypt.  Egyptian Color Therapy consisted primarily of focusing sun light through colored glass so it penetrated the body in specific locations.  Even then, practitioners understood that the body needed certain colors in order to stay healthy.

In the teaching of sacred Sanskrit healers, we can find reference to an energy system known as chakras. (Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel of light.)  These vital points in the energy body vibrate at specific color frequencies. Focused color healing works with these points.  This is how the use of color can return the body to a vital harmonious system.

“The ancient Egyptians listed on papyrus from 1550 BC a number of colored cures. . . The Chinese have always diagnosed illness by reading the ‘color’ of pulses, complexion, and the appearance of the body’s tissues and organs. . . Color was also vital to the doctrine of the Four Humours.  This system of medical thought may have originated in Egypt and was common throughout Europe from the days of the ancient Greeks and Romans to the Renaissance.”

Healing with Color and Light Theo Gimbel (pg 21)

More historical information about the use of color therapy

Yet, in our time there is skepticism about Color Therapy

The Impact of Color Vibrations

“The first fact which it is necessary for us to realize is that everything is radiating influence on its surroundings, and these surroundings are all the while returning the compliment by pouring influence upon it in return.

 Literally, everything—-sun, moon, stars, angels, animals, trees, rocks, —-everything is pouring out a ceaseless stream of vibrations, each of its own characteristic type; not in the physical world only, but in other and subtler worlds as well.”

From Charles W. Leadbeater’s book “The Hidden Side of Things”

Considering that “everything is radiating influences on its surrounding,” you can now understand how color also carries a vibration that affects you . .

Here is more evidence to suggest that we are affected by color. Research on Color Therapy

“Color is what we call a narrow band of electromagnetic energy that we can detect with our eyes. Except for the frequency of vibration it is no different from heat, ultra violet, radio, or cosmic rays.

Albert Einstein received his Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of the relation between color and matter. He discovered the photoelectric effect upon which the field of spectroscopy is based. Elements when excited by sufficient energy (heat) will emit a characteristic color.

Also, if the specific element is radiated with the frequency of light associated with that element, then an electrical current will be induced in that material. It is not too much of a stretch to understand that color can at least cause an electrical response in organisms, animals, even objects.”

Color is Vibrating Energy

“. . .Albert Einstein (1879-1955) laid the foundations for the currently accepted theory in early years of the 20th century.  Known as the ‘quantum’ theory, it accepts elements of both the particle and wave theories:  light energy moves in discrete ‘packages’ known as photons, and this movement may assume a wave form.”

Healing with Color and Light Theo Gimbel (pg 33)

What This Means to YouEach of the color photons has its own wave length and frequency.  The body recognizes these wave forms and responds to them.

Healthy Living Comes from the Flow of a Rainbow of Vibrations.
Since ancient times, color practitioners have known that a healthy body depends on a natural flow of a rainbow of vibrations.  These have been known as chakras or wheels of light. In Complementary Color Therapy we call these Energy Centers.

When any of these colors is sluggish or if part of that Energy Center is stuck, this can affect a person physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.  Sometimes a combination of these effects is felt.  For example, depression can be experienced emotionally and also physically.  This stuck energy is experienced as discomfort.  If not addressed, it will eventually show up as physical pain.

Complementary Color Therapy offers a simple and effective way to restore the flow of the Rainbow of Vibrations.  As the stuck places resolve into a flow of energy vibrating at exactly the right frequency in all parts of the body, natural vibrant health follows.

Color Therapy is not some new kid on the block.  Yet, much of the western world knows little about the healing properties of color.  Fortunately, that is beginning to change.

Using Color Therapy in Everyday Life

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