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Thrive as a Highly Sensitive/Intuitive Person

If you are like others who are attracted to what we offer, you probably have experienced underlying anxiety most of your life.  It's hard to enjoy life when that background noise is going on.

This is especially true of Highly Sensitive/Intuitive people. You may have spent your life being anxious, trying to fit in, not knowing how to be authentically who you are. This course opens the way to see who you truly are, how you got to where you are, and where to from here.

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Color Course 101

This course takes you through our signature color process working with complementary colors.  You learn to identify what is holding you back. Then, in a very natural, organic way, you use color to dissolve old patterns, beliefs, and emotions that are hanging around. The color pairs become your companions in healing.

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Empower and Embrace Your Inner Masculine & Feminine

Everyone has masculine active and feminine receptive attributes naturally.  Often, these have been skewed so that only one side or the other dominates.  This doesn't allow for your true self to come forward. With this course you create the balance so that your Yin & Yang are both available.

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Once you have taken the Essential Courses you can move on to the next level. There is a progression that allows you to get the most out of the next course.

Choose from:

Color Course 102 (Pre-requisite Color Course 101)

This 6 week course is taught by Leslie Romine, Certified Complementary Color Therapistwith over 10 years of experience working with founder Arlene Arnold. Weekly Group Zoom sessions allow you to dive deeply into the colors and the healing techniques. Those who have taken this course developed a companionship and organic process with the colors.

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Color Course 103 (Pre-requisite Color Course 101 and 102 is highly recommended)

Color Course 103 is a collaboration between Arlene Arnold and Marian Russell. It was born out of experiences that arose from using the colors and living with their advancing frequencies as they filled with more love and light and as they created new connections with each other.

We are personally evolving and our experience with the colors is evolving. Greater frequencies of light have been focused on and been absorbed into the earth and she has helped us to incorporate them into our bodies. This affects the colors as well.

This course unfolds through 8 weeks of Group Zoom Sessions with Arlene Arnold plus a manual, audio exercises, and video guidance.  Each session is recorded in case you want to relive the experience or if you have to miss a session.

Here's what participants said about their experience in this course:

My mind has opened to another healing modality. I have a better understanding of energetic fields, both of the earth /universal energetic fields and how colors can help move energy in and through us. My limited use of meditation has become more expansive. Meg

Several levels of old energy imbalances have been healed as a result of the course. Exercises including guided imagery with color helped me heal and balance my physical and emotional bodies. Mary

Arlene Arnold is a Certified Spiritual Guide and Healing Facilitator as well as a Color Therapist. She developed a color system called Complementary Color Therapy. These basic concepts have now expanded into new ways of experiencing the colors through many dimensions.

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Color Course 201 (Pre requisite CC101 and CC103 with CC102 Highly Recommended)

Color Course 201 introduces a new set of colors.  These are sometimes referred to as colors of the Hara Line.  They are colors between the basic colors

Luminaries Illuminated 301

Luminaries Illuminated 302