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Thrive as a Highly Sensitive/Intuitive Person

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If you are like others who are attracted to what we offer, you probably have experienced underlying anxiety most of your life.  It's hard to enjoy life when that background noise is going on.

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                                      Relieving this anxiety is key to thriving in your life.

Sometimes we find that people who come to our courses are guided to start at a different place. I will always tell you to follow your guidance above all else, so below you will find information about the other courses in the Essential Course Pathway.

And, because I find the foundation of these three courses to be very helpful to the advanced courses, I suggest you start there.  However, if you feel called to start with an advanced course, then go with that!

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Color Course 101

Heal and Embrace Your Inner Masculine & Feminine

Note: If you choose to start with the Highly Sensitive/Intuitive Course ($37), you receive a $100 discount for the next Essential Course you take. If you start with Color Course 101 ($199), you will get a $100 discount off of the Masculine/Feminine Course and Color Course 201.  In other words, there is an incentive to start at the beginning and also to continue the courses once you have started.

Once you have taken the Essential Courses . . .

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Color Course 201

Luminaries Illuminated 101

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Crystalline Colors

5th Dimensional Masculine/Feminine Wholeness

Revised Training Courses