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Thrive as a Highly Sensitive/Intuitive Person

We suggest that you start here, but you can start with whichever course you are attracted to. During this uncertain time we are offering you an opportunity to pay what feels right for you.

If you are like others who are attracted to what we offer, you probably have experienced underlying anxiety most of your life.  It's hard to enjoy life when that background noise is going on.

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Check out the other courses  Essential Course Pathway that form a foundation for the others that follow.

Other Essential Courses!

Color Course 101

Color and sound offer frequencies that are essential to our evolvement. At Transformational Tools, we focus on color. This course takes you through our signature color process to work with complementary colors as you become fully connected to who you are here and now as this human. And then, you make the connection, through the colors, to your soul essence that is here as well.

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Heal and Embrace Your Inner Masculine & Feminine

Everyone has masculine and feminine attributes naturally.  Often, these have been skewed so that only one side or the other dominates.  This doesn't allow for your true self to come forward. With this course you create the balance so that your Yin & Yang are both available.

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Once you have taken the Essential Courses . . .

Choose from:

Color Course 201

This advanced color course works with the next octave of colors that are on the Hara Line. These take you into the cosmic connection with color and the cosmic connection with you.
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Luminaries Illuminated 101

This is the first of 4 courses that introduce you to each of the 24 cards in the Luminaries Deck. These cards have consciousness. The more you connect with them, the more they work with you personally and the more you can use them for planetary changes.

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