Course Schedule

April-June 2020

NOTE: Our 3 essential Courses are now available as self-guided programs. You pay according to what feels right to you. We are available to assist you through each of these programs via a Facebook Group you will be invited to join and periodic Zoom sessions where you can see others taking the courses and where you can listen to their experiences as well as receive answers to your individual questions.

We suggest you take the courses in the following order for the most complete experience; however, following you own inner guidance is always a good choice.

Learn to Thrive as a Highly Sensitive/Intuitive Person

Move from anxiety to a calm understanding of who you are and what you have to offer.  Find out how your challenges in life have led you to your unique contribution in this life time.
This is self-guided plus ongoing support: 

Experience the tools!

Do you live with underlying anxiety?
Do you feel like you are on the outside looking in?
Do you take on the feelings of others?

These (and many more) are challenges addressed in our course.

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Color Course 101

Lasting Anxiety Relief through Color Balance

This is self-guided plus ongoing support: 

Are there old thoughts and emotions that keep cycling through no matter what you do?
Do you find it hard to concentrate?
Does your energy seem to leak out and leave you exhausted?
Are your relationships difficult?
Color Balance allows you to use all of your abilities in a way that feels natural and easy.
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Heal & Embrace Your Inner Masculine and Feminine

This is self-guided plus ongoing support: 

Just as we have a left and right brain, we each have masculine and feminine energy patterns that are part of us whether we show up as a man or a woman. When these are out of balance, we can feel lonely, overwhelmed, off kilter, burned out, incomplete without a partner, too serious, or unfocused.

Bringing our masculine and feminine energies into balance and into their highest energetic form is of prime importance at this time.  Here is an opportunity to do just that!

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Interviews with Arlene Arnold


Clear Intuition & Acceptance of Psychic Gifts

When things change so rapidly, it may be challenging to have clear signals from your intuition. Arlene Arnold offers some tips.
Are you pushing away your psychic gifts or not sure how to use them? Arlene discusses what that has to do with your life purpose.


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Recorded Free Classes


Clear Decisions-Less Stress
Free Webinar Recording

Do you second guess your decisions?
Do you spend your energy worrying about them?
This recording of a webinar Arlene gave can decrease that stress.








 On Going Opportunities to Evolve

Focus for the Week 

Each Tuesday at 3pm Pacific/8pm Eastern you can receive guidance for the week as Arlene Arnold uses her two oracle decks to point the way. 
This is a Facebook Live Event on our transformationaltools page. You can join the conversation through comments and as for a Mini ColorCard reading for your self. 

Join us Tuesdays at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern for the Facebook Live Focus of the Week

Spiritual Conversations from 3 Unique Points of View

This is a Zoom Event. You will find us there each Wednesday at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern:
Discussion May 27th
Why does using discernment seem so challenging? How can you be clear about whether someone is being honest or not? How can you be certain that your decision is the best one at this time?
This will be a free-ranging conversation. You are welcome to put questions and comments in the chat on Zoom. The recording will be posted on our Transformational tools Facebook Page after the event.


Blog Posts

Ideas to consider, visualization meditations, and whatever Arlene Arnold feels called to share. Sign up for her ongoing blog posts.

Do You Take On Emotions from Others?

How do you know if you have taken on someone else’s emotions or thoughts? How do you feel? Tired Out of sorts Confused Unable to focus Those are just some of the indications that you are carrying around others’ energy, not just your own. How you feel physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually gives you […]

Fruits of Love

Love is the Answer Loving is the Action Fruits of Love are the Result I asked, "So, are you saying that Love is the answer to creating?" No, Love is!. Therefore, creating can tap into Love. Then, you can create from the Highest and Best. Timing will be Known Sharing...

Relationship Reset

Do you have a relationship that is having its rocky moments or maybe that has been off the rails for awhile?

Resilience through Emerald Green

Recently, while writing in my journal, the consciousness in Emerald Green became very present. I feel that its message is for everyone. Arlene Arnold “I am emerald--stately and transforming. In a world of divine activity, I come to settle the energies and awaken the...