Inner Guidance Card Sets for Readings

ColorCards.Inner Guidance Made Simple through the Vibration of Color

When you need that little nudge to clarify answers to life’s questions, The ColorCards help you explore your options and listen to you heart.

Like a trusted friend, The ColorCards offer some new ways to look at your situation and your questions. They don’t give you the answers; they help you find the answers. Through the process you gain insight, confidence, and trust in your inner wisdom.

16 ColorCards plus Book for transforming situations in life $24.95
Add on the Mini ColorCards for immediate feedback for only $5

Eleyne-Mari Sharp

Well, I have to say that I am very enthusiastic about your ColorCards. I gave a reading to a friend over the phone and she was thrilled. “The reading was SO accurate,” she said, and that’s high praise as she is a superb reader herself. 

Eleyne-Mari Sharp
Aura House School of Color and Light

Luminaries: A Prism for Change through Reflection and Transformational Art

The Luminaries (high vibrational oracles of transformation) bring meaning out of chaos which can lead to inner peace.

So much seems to be breaking down in the world. How to do we keep from becoming overwhelmed?

The Luminaries guide us into places of vision. We see the world from a new viewpoint. We are encouraged to shift the way we are in our daily lives as we evolve into the next spiral of living as enlightened humans.

24 Round Mandala Art Cards, plus a book of inspired interpretation for each design. $29.95

3 Deck Package: ColorCards, Mini ColorCards, Luminaries

Use the Mini ColorCards for a quick focus.

Take the information deeper by consulting the book in the ColorCards Set
Pick one of the large ColorCards and find out what this has to do with your life purpose.

Pick one of the Luminaries to understand the cosmic meaning that is opening up to you.


Steve Nelson, astrologer (deceased)

These cards (Luminaries) are designed to liberate, to free the soul, by clearing the psychic/emotional channels which opens the way between worlds.  Then people can realize their true natures, their true purpose and bring forth their creations. 

Steve Nelson, astrologer (deceased)