Personal Transformational Sessions

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ColorCard/Luminaries Readings 

A co-created card reading for guidance & spiritual growth. A half hour of illumination and clearing. $45  Schedule Now

Personal Sessions

Dissolve anxiety producing habits and beliefs allowing you to live as your true self.
In the video below, Arlene explains how these sessions work.
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Inner Plane Sessions with Arlene Arnold & Marian Russell

Arlene Arnold and Marian Russell take your concern
into the subtle planes for resolution. The session is 30-60 minutes depending on what is needed. It
can be recorded or you can join the session.

What others have to say:

The inner plane work with Arlene and Marian has helped me discover hidden issues that I could not uncover for myself. I only go to them when I am stuck. It helps to have specific questions and to be able to give them some background about the issue or what led to the question. I am very impressed with their teamwork. Mary F.

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