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Anxiety Relief plus personal spiritual growth/frequency evolution
through Transformational Products & Services.

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Divination Card Sets

Discover personal inner guidance easily



  • How to Change Your Default Mode of Living
  • What Your Favorite Color Means $7 Buy Now
  • What Your Least Favorite Color Means $7 Buy Now
  • Ascending with the Crystalline Energy


Learn More About our CD’s

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  • Connect & Transform $9 Buy Now
  • Crystal in the Heart $9 Buy Now
  • Diamond Grid $9 Buy Now
  • Harmony through Color $9 Buy Now
  • Opening to a New Day $9.97 Buy Now

Book plus downloadable meditations

  • Meditation Tools Made Simple $10 Learn More Buy Now


Transformational Services

Signing Up for a Courses!  When you order and pay for one of our courses, you will be directed to a page in our membership area. You will need to join the membership in order to access the course. Once you have the course in your membership area, you can come back to it again and again.

Transformational Sessions

  • ColorCard/Luminaries Readings: A co-created card reading for guidance & spiritual growth $35
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  • Personal Sessions to dissolve anxiety producing habits and beliefs to live as your true self
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Courses Level 1

  • Learn to Thrive as a Highly Sensitive/Intuitive Person, Go from Self Doubt to Self-Appreciation
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  • Color Course 101: Reduce anxiety, gain a healthy energy flow, know yourself intimately $197
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  • Heal & Embrace Your Inner Masculine and Feminine 101: Powerful insight, use both sides of the brain, improve relationships, healthy balance of giving and receiving-acting and allowing $197
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  • Luminaries Illuminated 101: Raise your frequency through a partnership with a consciousness found in each Luminary. Show up as Love in Action; Oneness personified. $99 (first 6 Luminarie)
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  • Crystalline Energies 101 (Coming Jan 2019): Evolve your True Self by partnering with crystalline frequencies Learn More Order Now

Courses Level 2 (Level 100 courses required)

  • Color Course 201 Learn More  Order now
  • Heal & Embrace Your Inner Masculine and Feminine 201 Learn More Order Now
  • Luminaries Illuminated 201 Learn More Order Now
  • Crystalline Energies 201 (Coming Jan. 2020) Learn More Order Now


Level 1

CCT 101 Three Transformational Complementary Color Therapy Protocols
More info about complementary color therapy
More info about the training
Book an information-chat with Arlene Arnold about the training.