A pattern I have noticed in relationships goes something like this.


  “He/She’s my better half!”

    “I can’t live without her (him).”

    “He/She completes me.”


We sing about it! We declare it to our friends!

We think saying this is a compliment!
Isn’t this a way of saying how important the other person is to you? Many see it as another way of saying I love you.

But, what if it’s the perfect setup for co-dependency?
How can that be? It just means I love this person so much!

This way of thinking can mean that you are unwilling to be complete within yourself!
Ouch! That doesn’t seem right!

I want to be whole, but I’m just not sure what that is.

So then, let’s look at what it means to be complete, whole within ourselves.

Wholeness means that the duality of selves within us begin to work together.

Each represents part of us. Together, they bring in the whole person.

Wholeness brings together your conscious human self and your super conscious spiritual self.

It balances your empowered masculine side and your empowered feminine side.

This is the recipe for healthy relationships!

You no longer get stuck in the daily drama because now you can step back and observe life through a more expanded lens. Therefore, you see how you are acting and responding and you see how the other person in the relationship is acting and responding.

You have more compassion for yourself and others because you are not blaming yourself or others. You recognize that being human means you trip up sometimes, even when you have good intentions.

As you heal and embrace your inner masculine and feminine, you are no longer looking to the other person to complete you. Expecting another person to complete you means you are giving away your sense of self. And if they don’t complete you in the way you expect, you are disappointed and angry. “I thought he (she) loved me. If he love me he (she) would know what I need.”

If both of you embrace your inner masculine and feminine, you can help each other work through the tough times with compassion and understanding. You can be there as a steady safe place while the other one heals and understands what just happened.

 And best of all, together you can have lots of fun!

You don’t have to “walk on eggshells,” afraid that you might not do or say whatis expected. Your child nature is free to be exuberant and joyful perhaps for the first time.

Complementary Color Therapy focuses on bringing together the human part of you with the spiritual part of you. There are lots of ways on our web site to explore that.

An upcoming course called “Heal and Embrace Your Masculine & Feminine” takes you step by step through the process of accessing and acknowledging the male/female duality that is in all of us. This home study course offers a manual along with 6 weekly conference calls where you share what you are learning with others.

You will not be the same when you finish the course. A new program will be in place that will impact your relationship to yourself and to others. You may notice a deeper connection with those you love and greater sense of empowerment. It feels good to be you in a clearer and more powerful, healthy way.

Are you ready to balance and become your most empowered self? If so, join us.

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Arlene Arnold