What do you feel when you hear the word humility? Do you imagine that you pull your energy back so you don’t make too much of a splash?

Maybe you heard these words as a child:

Don’t be too big for your britches!
Who do you think you are?
Do you think you are better than someone else?
Simmer down!

All of this can translate into a message suggesting that you fade into the background.

In fact, here’s the definition of humility:
“a modest or low view of one’s own importance”

Wow! Humility has been presented as a quality to ascribe to. What a way to keep you from being all you can be.

You are important!  You do count! Your participation and contribution to life is immensely important!

Is your contribution better than someone else’s.  No, each one is different.  Each one is unique.  All are needed in the mosaic of life.


Here’s how the Mosaic card from the Luminaries explains this:

You are a unique tile in the universal mosaic of being.
Claim your beauty even as you allow others to do the same.





How can you claim your unique beauty if your are not standing tall in the frequency of your vibrant energy field?

I am here to suggest that we redefine humility!  HUMILITY IS WHO YOU ARE! When you clear away all the overlays of belief that have kept you from being who you truly are, you can step forward with confidence, knowing that your divine nature is love. So when you stand tall as Love, you acknowledge your true self and you acknowledge all others.

You don’t have to step back to keep from overshadowing someone else. As you shine the light of your true self, others may feel encouraged to do the same.


illumination_luminariesThe card called Illumination from the Luminaries speaks to that as well:

Light magnifies light, which magnifies light, which impacts the entire universe so let your light shine!

Spiraling streams of light emanate from the core of existence. Acknowledging that light allows inner divine magnificence and outer Divine Source to be embraced.

Individual illumination then grows through gratitude for the love found in the light and from remembering that life was birthed from that light. Others observe this bright essence. Those who see this bright light turn to acknowledge their own core. Thus, universal brilliance expands.


So as you stand tall in your unique essence and shine your inner light, you impact the world by encouraging each one to stand in their magnificence.

Humility is standing in your magnificence without pretense; without judgement or evaluation; without a need for anyone to notice your light.  You just are! You are the depth and height of your brilliant light in the world.

You stand as love embodied in human form. You know you are here to make a difference. Gratitude is part of your essence so it shines through your words, your thoughts, and your actions.

That is our deep desire, to express ourselves as the soul’s magnificence.

Are we there yet? Not fully, but pulling your light back to make way for others doesn’t create a pathway of truth. Being what others want you to be so they can be in control doesn’t foster the expansion of universal brilliance.

It takes courage to be humble. Others may say “you are too big for your britches”. And yet, dissolving old messages that would hold you back is exactly what humility is about. Humility can come from the ego without a connection to the soul or it can be turned upside down and be the very essence of your soul in form.

How do you know when your words and actions are coming from your soul essence? How do you know when others are coming from their soul essence. Ask, “Is this coming from love or fear? Love is the nature of the soul; fear is the motivator in the ego when it is feeling separate and disconnected from the Divine Source. If you notice you or another is coming from fear, that is the disconnected ego. If you see that you are coming from love, you are connected with your soul.

Now is the time to shine your light as brightly as possible.  Now is the time to let go of anything that would make you live small or cover over your brilliance!

Let’s find that Source of Love within and shine it brightly. Humility is Who We Are as we live our deepest truth as clearly and openly as we can.

Arlene Arnold
author of the Luminaries