Two or three times a week I sit and ask my inner wisdom and other guidance for assistance through writing.  I find it to be accurate and very helpful.  I have taught what I call Dialogue Journaling since 1995 and still do it myself.  Here’s a simple way to try it.

  1. Write your question, focusing on directing it to your inner wisdom and highest guidance.
  2. Place quotation marks at the beginning of the next line.  Know that you are receiving an accurate, helpful answer.  Focus on your pen as if someone else were writing the words (This gets the mind to focus on the pen, not the answer, so that the answer comes from a deeper place).  When the answer seems complete, place closing quotation marks.
  3. Continue with an additional question for clarification or a different question in the same way you began.
  4. Again put the answer in quotation marks.

This morning I wrote:  There’s a process going on.  Illumination would be helpful.

Answer: “Yes, a process so amazing we rejoice in its complexity and simplicity. You all are ahead of your timetable and this is a matter of rejoicing and concern.  Your bodies have felt the stress of new energies. They are attempting to catch up. Communicate with your body.  Let it know you care. This may seem strange, like talking to a robot, but remember, all is from Source Consciousness. This you know. Always you are communicating with Source. Realize this and you will find illumination in the strangest places. Miss this and you will find that you are pinged continually, like a bunch of gnats that come at you from all directions. Be still and know!”

Perhaps this will have meaning for you.  So many (including me) are dealing with physical imbalances. Even using our “tools” we may still find that the body is having a hard time.

Illumination includes paying attention to this wonderful physical vehicle You and I travel in.  This body needs our support.  If we get quiet and listen, it will let us know what it needs.

Ascension means raising our vibration and that includes the body.

The picture above is the card from the Luminaries Deck called Illumination. On Tuesday I start a 3 part series exploring three of the Luminaries in depth.  It’s not too late to join us.  Check out the details.

May your journey be illuminating and conscious.

Arlene Arnold