(photo by Mikhail Dudarev)

How do you connect with your Inner Guidance? Do you wonder if what comes to you is really from that deeper place inside of you?

Many of the people I have mentored over the years have felt unsure if the information they are receiving is real or just their ego operating from what the brain thinks.

For me and many others of all ages, journal writing is a way of bypassing the brain while going deeper into the Inner Knowing. In Meditation Tools Made Simple  I offer some ways to ready yourself to go deeper and then to access what is there through two types of journaling.

Your thoughts and usual pace of working may have you moving too fast. That leaves no space to go deep.

Stop! Do the following and in about 20 minutes you will have some astounding information that is true and sooo helpful.

How to be ready to listen within yourself

  • What information or answers would you like to receive? Put that intention into one sentence. For example: Is the course my friend suggested right for me at this time?
  • Take a few minutes to breathe and relax. As you do, consciously move deeper inside yourself.

Breathe into parts of your body.  Focus on any part of your body that is tense. Then, breathe into this part of you.  It relaxes as it responds to your attention and to the breathing.

Relax and Flow is the first meditation visualization in Meditation Tools Made Simple. You can follow the exercise by reading it or there is a downloadable audio you can listen to.  I recommend it or any other music or meditation you like to use.

Remember, breathing into the body can happen in just a few minutes.

Listen to your inner self

Here are two ways to journal that can give you answers from your deeper self.

  • Stream of Consciousness Journaling

“. . .write whatever comes to mind. Allow the inner thoughts to flow without any restrictions. You may be surprised what ideas and thoughts appear. Too often the mind-chatter fogs over your deeper thoughts. This type of journal writing brings these thoughts to the surface.” (taken from Meditation Tools Made Simple pg 15)

  • Dialogue Journaling

This “is a wonderful way to learn about yourself. You can dialogue with God, your Divine Self, your Inner Wisdom, your Divine Mind, Christ or something else that designates the spiritual to you. When you dialogue, you move into a deeper part of yourself that knows all things from an intuitive aspect. Here there is no need to figure things out.  Here there is no need to be afraid that what you hear may be hurtful or damaging. All that comes from this type of dialogue Journaling is unconditional love.” (taken from Meditation Tools Made Simple pg 24)

How do you know you are hearing your inner self?

It’s helpful to have a way of confirming that you are hearing your guidance. This can be different for each person. Here are some of the ways people experience that confirmation.

  • I get goose bumps
  • I feel a peace settle over me
  • I just know
  • The answer feels so right
  • Sometimes I don’t know what I am writing until I read it later. The words are so comforting. I feel no resistance to what I have written.

What is your way of knowing you’ve accessed your truth? Remember how you felt. What helped you to be ready to receive this information? Asking yourself these questions gives you insight into what works for you.  Now that you know this, you can be intentional about preparing yourself for the answers that you seek.

I also find it helpful to share my journal writing with a trusted friend. Often, when you hear yourself reading the information, you know it is true for you.

Above all, take time to listen to your spiritual guidance. Set aside time to get quiet and listen!

(Arlene Arnold is a Certified Spiritual Guide and Healing Facilitator. Meditation Tools Made Simple is one of the books she offers as tools for the spiritual journey.)