I found Peggy’s blog article a great way to reflect on modern culture.  How do we make choices about how we use our energy and time?  If we don’t stay conscious, we can allow the outside world to take the driver’s seat.

Peggy is a close friend and mentor.  I always find what she shares to be insightful and helpful.

Arlene Arnold


Imagine there’s No Cellphoneunnamed

– Peggy Smith

I just had the strangest time traveler moment.  I was futzing about doing daily stuff; cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, changing sheets, doing laundry and general life maintenance when I realized I didn’t know where my cell phone was.  It had been over an hour since anyone had called, texted or nudged me and then panic set in.  Did I drop it in the washer on the last load?  OMG!

At that moment it was as though I walked through a secret door or fell in a rabbit hole because I found myself sitting down at the top of the stairway in a timeless drift. I was remembering that once upon a time in my life there were no cell phones, laptops, iPads, or streaming videos.  Yep, I’m that old.  It didn’t seem to matter any longer if I found my cell phone or not.  I heard a familiar melody running through my head and the voice of John Lennon singing,

Imagine there’s no cellphone,

Imagine if you can

There is no IMS or keypad at hand

Imagine all the people living without a tweet

No chat or Facebook; we can only speak

Sure we have the T.V. and land-line telephones

But when you’re traveling, out there on your own

Imagine there’s no cellphone

Imagine if you can…

I hear the familiar ring from my smart phone and I’m suddenly pulled back to the reality of the moment.  It’s strange, I find I’m having mixed emotions about the idea that it wasn’t annihilated in the wash.  I realize that my phone is somewhere it the house.  But I’m not sure I care.

While sitting on the stoop sorting out what just happened, I decided to use a stand by solution process that sometimes helps me through my odd cerebral queries.  Pros and cons:


Cellphones save lives every day. Or

On the other hand, Con:

Texting, tweeting and talking on the cell while you drive kills people every day.

Enough! Progress in unstoppable.  Has anyone seen the movie Idiocracy?

“Unaware of what year it was, Joe wandered the streets desperate for help.  But the English language had deteriorated into a hybrid of hillbilly, valleygirl, inner-city slang and various grunts…”

It’s not a movie for everyone.  Well to be honest, it’s right up there with the weirdness of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  So if you are in an open-minded state of weird curiosity check it out.