Do you want to participate in bringing about peace?  

Peace comes in many forms.

You can join James Twyman through meditation as he actually goes to war torn Syria to lift his musical prayers in frequencies of peace.

At The Power of Color, we are using a series of tools that I call Inner Plane Therapy, a healing process beyond the third dimension. We “follow the energy” to know what will work in each situation.  Sometimes this takes us to an energetic source of a belief or pattern of human consciousness that needs to be transformed. Sometimes we are taken to something in the body or energy field that is stopping the energy flow.

We start with a situation or something that a person is worried about.  Inevitably the healing becomes more universal–the theme we are working with can lead to healing for all here on earth and sometimes goes beyond that.

Many people have genetic themes that run through their family. This kind of work can resolve these patterns. This offers new options to the person we are working with to transform the challenges they are experiencing, (Read more about how Science Discovers Memories Pass Between GenerationsDNA_to_protein_or_ncRNA.svg

Recently we worked with a situation in which a woman had lost most of her worldly goods through the collusion of the husband she was divorcing and her own attorney. As the subtle work proceeded in the inner planes, we were led to clear patterns where power is wielded behind the scenes and situations where good people are forced to make decisions where there is no good answer. We cleared genetic patterns of people that were part of this drama, doing whatever was highest and best for all involved. Now, we will check back with her from time to time to see what happens. Outcomes are fascinating. That which is highest and best is not always immediately apparent.

Maybe it’s time to get off our metaphorical duffs!  We all have tools!

You are powerful beyond belief, but are you using that power to change the world?  You can you know!

Maybe you’re not called to protest, write letters, send e-mails, or sign petitions.  But you have tools!  Prayer, meditation, intention, angel power, conscious color, sound, and essential oil frequencies, healing tools of all kinds.

If you relax your body and focus your mind on a tone or a candle, you can send out a frequency of peace or love.  Add an essential oil as you relax into your focus. Play music that inspires you. Send whatever color comes to mind to a friend. Stand in the light of the Source and radiate that out to the world.

Your focus and that of a group is powerful!

Check out this video to inspire you!meditate


Are you disturbed by what is happening in the world?  Do you feel unable to do anything about it?

We all want change, but of course, we need to start from a place that sets the tone. Our mantra is:  “Whatever is highest and best for myself and all others involved.”

We, at The Power of  Color, have a focus group that offers Inner Plane Therapy upon request. If you have a concern for yourself, another person, a situation, or something that affects all of humankind, use the form below to contact us with your request for our assistance. Give us a short summary of the person or situation. First names or the general location is all we need.

Our intention is to support the community at large.  Inner Plane Therapy is funded through your donations. In a few days to a week, we will send you a short review of what we did. Please be in meditative focus for whatever is highest and best as you await our reply. Often the subtle work reaches places that cannot be touched through human means.

Blessings to all,

Arlene Arnold

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