Here's an Opportunity to Tap Into Yourself for Guidance!

Practice Listening to Yourself through Writing

You may have learned a lot through your reading, experiencing different spiritual practices, and listening to lectures. However, knowing when something resonates to your inner knowing is the truest test of what you hear and experience.

I have taught this practice of journaling many times. Always, people are surprised by what they learn. They can feel that the information is coming from within them!

I sit with this practice almost every day. It bypasses, but does not discount, my human knowing. In fact, it will often build on something I have experienced by adding information that helps me understand what happened.

If you have questions, but can’t quite trust that your answers are coming from your knowing self, this group time will give you accurate, clear information.

There is something about doing this in the group energy that helps each person connect easily with their Knowing Self.

Check the Events Calendar for the the next group session. It’s just $10 to get relevant information that will make your life easier.

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Blessings on your journey!
Arlene Arnold

What does your FAVORITE COLOR tell you about you?

Each color has its own frequency.  That frequency has meaning.

That means that your favorite color can tell you something about yourself.

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