Color Course 102

Use the Color Energies in your Daily Life
In a Deeper and more Meaningful Way

Learn simple techniques that give lasting relief!

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Week #1 Review

An overview of what was learned in Color Course 101

Week #2: How the Colors work with each other and with you

Establishing a deeper relationship to the colors and their deep transformational abilities

Week #3: Transformation: Tools for working with the Color Energies  Part 1

Extra tools available to you
Additional visualizations that connect you to the color pairs

Week #4:  Transformation:  Tools for working with the Color Energies  Part 2

Learn and practice the transformational process we teach to Complementary Color Therapy Practitioners

Week #5:  Transformation:  Tools for working with the Color Energies Part 3

Direct communication with the colors as they work their transformation!

Week #6: Living in the New Energy

Vibrant health physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
Maintaining a color therapy routine
Opening to new colors and new understanding of the masculine and feminine energies of color.


What you will gain from this course!

This course is a great followup to Color Course 101. You will gain so much familiarity with the colors, try so many wonderful tools, and gain so much confidence is using the colors in your daily life!

Leslie Romine will be facilitating the calls. She created this course from additional materials we had and from her experience using the tools. She has been working with me for over 10 years as our Color Therapy Trainer and as a consultant and adviser to Transformational Tools, LLC. Here assistance and wisdom has been so valuable!

You have the added benefit of Leslie's experience and point of view in working with the colors. She brings a supportive energy and compassionate presence to the work. I know you will be glad you added this course to your portal.

Arlene Arnold founder of Transformational Tools.

  • Increase your ability to tune in to your own inner awareness, and Color Energies on a daily basis
  • Identify when and where your energy is stuck and how to shift it
  • Clearly know if the stuck energy is a deeper issue and what tools to use for it
  • Experience more in-depth techniques and tools to transform deeper issues and bring your energy back into a healthy balance
  • Choose unique ways to support yourself to live in the New Energies that you desire.

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