Color Course 201

Ascend to Higher Frequencies

Evolve as a Human Being

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Full Course Contents

Here's what you will work with during this course.

Module #1 Introduction

What this course is about


Module #2 Red-Orange

  • The intense Red energy can now be used to create and activate other energies
  • Orange moves the catalytic energy into action
  • Together they make up an energy that propels you into higher vibrations
  • Bring together male and female sexual energy into a new kind of intimacy.


Module #3: Turquoise

  • Heartfelt expression
  • Living your integrity
  • Self Responsibility
  • Limitless expansion of who you are and how you express
  • Limitless life experiences


Module #4 Saffron Gold
Living creatively from the wisdom gained through human experience

  • Saffron Gold takes feelings and thoughts to a higher level.  Here the world is brighter, thoughts are more creative and clear, and images are more magical. You notice the saffron gold vibration in life.  You see what is bright and beautiful. You see the good.


Module #5 Indigo
Psychic/Cosmic Perspective

  • Ancient abilities available to use in life.
  • Connection with your Akashic Records which store information from all your experiences.
  • Connections to other realities.
  • Psychic gifts


Module #6 Lime Green

  • A new kind of leadership
  • Healthy expansion
  • digesting change


Module #7 Magenta

  • Compassion
  • Assistance that empowers
  • Healing through allowing and intending
  • Transmutation
  • Balancing of the electrical system


Module #8 A New Rainbow

The new rainbow signifies that we are ready to evolve to a new octave of human experience.

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Thank you for this wonderful course.  I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to experience this work.  It is both brilliant and simple, and Oh so powerful.  What a delight.