Are there some colors you have an aversion to?

You just don’t want them around.  Most people have at least one color that is their least favorite.

Have you ever noticed how you avoid certain people, places and experiences in your life?

Certain people may remind you of someone in your life that treated you badly.  You choose to avoid them. Some places may feel too confined or too open and vulnerable.  You might choose to avoid them Colors can bring up memories as well.  Someone that yelled at you might have worn a yellow shirt.  After that, you might have avoided yellow.

Your avoidance of a color might come from its underlying meaning.  How you feel about yellow can tell you something about how you feel about yourself.  Let’s go back to the person wearing a yellow shirt that yelled at you.  As a child, a loud voice like that might signal to you that you are stupid or you did something wrong.  Children interpret experiences according to what they feel and what they think the person’s words mean.  They might even read something into a person’s expression.

That loud voice might stay with you as a self-esteem issue.  You might not know that’s why you avoid yellow.  It just isn’t your favorite color.

Knowing why you avoid a certain color can allow you to be aware of a deeper issue.  There are “tools” that can help you dissolve that resistance.  This can make your life a lot easier!

Would you like to learn more about your least favorite color?

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Arlene Arnold